An extra inch makes all the difference

I moved the Spendors out a little from 270mm to 295mm. The brightness has reduced and th bass has become cleaner, sharper somehow. Quite surprised really.


Yes speaker positioning makes a huge difference! I have spent hours perfecting mine since I got them.
They are the best I can achieve for my room and without any acoustic treatments.
When you get it right, it can be really impressive.

Try sitting in your listening position and get someone else to adjust them while you are listening if possible. :+1:t2:

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Yes, I’d kind of playd around with them when I put them in but after a couple of weeks of bedding in I was wondering about the awkward position of the rh speaker. It sits against a protruding nib of wall left over from taking the rear wall out for an extension and I thought I’d see how far out I can pull the speakers without Mrs Bruss noticing. :slight_smile: The surpise was that there was no muddiness from that corner effect.

I recall an article on how Wilson set-up his speakers by first walking around room speaking and clapping to identify interference with room boundaries. They would mark location where the reflected voice and clapping sounded natural to locate their speakers and then fine tune them from there.

Needless to say this is with speakers with dynamic drivers and a location that works from a practical standpoint. Search the Cardas Room Set-Up & Speaker Placement Guide which has typical formulas as well but the practical walk around will put you in the same location from my experience and just fine tune from there.

Be careful, it’s very easy to driv yourself mad moving them a few cm here and there, especially if you have had a drink, or so I am told!

Lol. As much as like to apply science to this, the speakers are going where they are, within a few cms. They sound pretty good and my aim was or is to just fine tune within the confines of the wall and corner behind them, and Mrs Bruss’ sensibilities of course.

I’m now testing from my favourite seat with a randomised playlist of Diana Krall, Katie Melua, Bob Dylan and Paul Weller. I’m in clover.

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This is quite amazing (to me at least). That small movement has removed a slightly bright edge from the treble, the sort of change that I’d expect to occur as new speakers bed in. Not a massive change but not subtle either. It just eases the listening as the volume is turned up. Happy bunny here.


With that lot it won’t matter where your speakers are - it’ll still sound sh1te :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apologies to Mr Dylan :smiley:

So sweet :smiley:

Harsh, but I have moved on to Beth Nielsen Chapman now. :slight_smile:

Hii, this is my 1st post related to SBL placement. I have Sbl 6ft apart (center to center) and 7cm behind the brick wall. speakers are across the 17 ft wall. seating position 7 ft (room size is 10 Ft X 17 Ft). some time can not enjoy the music, it becomes louder at times (can not increase the volume beyond 8 O clock position. please advise or any suggestion to make it sing. regards, Samar


Schoolboy error. Take the Hi-Fi out between the speakers and to the side.


It looks a lovely sidebard - but that Cadence is really dragging it down!

thanks Toby, at this point no choice. but will try moving it to one side.

thanks Stevie, I have cadence speakers (Arista) also. I connect them some times. even played SBLs on Cadence. but final choice is Naim,

Easy tiger!

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Given the thread title, I was expecting something a little more whitty @TOBYJUG.


Don’t tell my wife …

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You have a lot of stuff there. I suggest to block a free day, remove everything and just setup what you need. Then you know how it could sound.

I see a Cyrus thing on top of the Nac 72, that will make it unhappy.

My finding is that isolating the Pre will give more space in the sound.