An idea for the App

When listening to R3 or any station for that matter could it display the music being played?

The BBC do embed that information in the FM broadcast, but not in the internet streams, so it’s not there for Naim to display……

Shows up on the Innuos Sense app and can then be searched on Qobuz, which is fabulous.

So where does the Innuos app get the data from?

Dunno. Varies from programme to programme. Some programmes offer nothing but others give you the info song by song.

Probably different with other internet radio stations that aren’t BBC R3 then…

Yes Jazz FM and Paradise provide.


Regarding the BBC thread, as @davidhendon mentioned the BBC don’t have any metadata in their HLS streams. They have some in their MP3 legacy streams. With our B2B relationship with the BBC we have to supply the streams ‘as is’ as often metadata usage has licencing agreements to it and we have to represent the BBC to their guidelines.

There are various third parties that inject metadata in to streams via a smart proxy that scrapes the data off websites etc., but the legality of it is questionable if used in a commercial solution. It affects the listener licencing reporting, which means artists are not getting paid. Also retransmitting someone else’s streams without their permission is a nice way to end up in legal hot water.

On the Naim platform, if the metadata is in the stream then we show it. We make no attempt to get the metadata from non official methods.

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Steve Harris
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Naim Audio Limited.



Thank you very much for that clarification.



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