An interesting hi-res FLAC Vs WAV discovery - HDX

I have ripped a couple of LP’s to 24 bit / 96khz digital files, one version WAV and a second version as FLAC and, saved both versions to the “Downloads” folder of my HDX.
On playback, the WAV versions play as 24 bit / 96khz.
However, as I have my HDX set to transcode on the fly, the FLAC versions play back as 16 bit / 44.1khz.
If I switch the settings on the HDX to “not transcode” on the fly, the FLAC files play as 24 bit / 96khz.
Clearly the HDX transcoding does not or cannot keep the files as high-res :frowning:
Anyone know of a workaround?
I tried using the WAV files tagged using DBPoweramp but they didn’t show up in the Naim app even after re-scanning the “Downloads” folder for changes, so I reverted to untagged ones…

From memory you need to set the HDX to ‘decode’. That transcodes to WAV while keeping the original bit depth and sampling frequency.

Under the “Maintenance” tab, “UPnP settings”, “Transcode Media Types” is the only setting I can see that is relevant.
Against “FLAC” I have set it to “True”.
All my FLAC files then appear as WAV when I play them through my NDX2, showing the original “CD Quality” rips.
However, when I do this with the LP rip 24 bit / 96 kHz although the tracks play, and it appears as WAV, it seems has been ‘downgraded’ to 16 bit 44.1 kHz

Certainly when I had a Unitiserve, which operates the same way, there was a decode option in the DTC. That’s the option you want. It should be there somewhere.

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I also just discovered that if I use the HDX as a player, (I only use it as a ripper/server these days) it reports to be playing the FLAC files at full 24 bit 96 KHz.
Pity it doesn’t want to do the same serving the files to my NDX2…

After digging a little further, I found a different setting which, when changed to “Decode” now presents files as their native 96KHz 24 Bit - hopefully it won’t mess up my other files!!
Many thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

It’s really rather shocking to discover that on rare occasions I do know what I’m talking about. With the emphasis on rare.


Bravo Mr. Halibut!

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It’s Dr.

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Oh my deepest apologies Dr. Fish Breath :rofl:

You have to address people correctly in this plaice!!

Yes, HH can be a Dab hand when advice is needed, indeed a Ray of sunshine when we Minnows need help.

I’ll show myself out!

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You have an amazing memory for this stuff. I forget what cables I own (found an AQ Vodka ethernet cable tonight I forgot I had; almost bought another one).

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