An issue with the playlists

I’d place a link here Why has Naim still not fixed their app - #50 by Pauel
@Richard.Dane Could you route this issue to be fixed ? The entire discussion is a bit emotional, please, look at the only message by the link. I’ll provide more details when needed.

Another question about the Android version - is there a feature to drag the track in the playlist? When I touch and hold, the menu is opened. However, sometimes the screen behaves in such a way that makes me think there is a possibility to drag somehow.

Hi Pauel,
You can drag a playlist (or album) track in the play queue.


Pauel, when you say could I “route this issue” I’m not sure what you are asking here, however, if it’s an issue you wish to bring to Naim’s attention in order to seek a solution then I would advise you to email the support team detailing the problem on

You could also apply to join the beta testing team, which will give you some chance to participate in the further development of software.

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Select an album.
Tap a track.
That track will play and appear at the bottom of the display.
Tap the track at the bottom of the display.
Track list will then reappear.
Tracks can now be dragged up and down the list.


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How can I apply?

You can write to Let them know what Naim streaming kit you have and which app you are using.

Looks like the drag works in the Android playlist. I just can’t find the stable sequence. Don’t know how to write the video from the phone screen.

Upd: drag works. The solution is to wait a fraction of second less than required to open menu.
@Richard.Dane Is it allowed to place here link to the screen video?


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