An ode to Naim

When I was young, I was mute to music.

When I was older, I thought I’d be cute and bought a Qute.

I was awakened.

Then I dreamed of reaching the stars and bought a Star.

The Star was like night and day.

When I was older again, I felt an itch.

The itch had to be scratched, there was a fog in front of the Star and it wasn’t a Nova.

I bought a 282/200. The veil was lifted.

The veil wasn’t lifted.

But the fog had thinned. I bought a 252/300.

The darkness was gone. The veil was truely lifted.

I wasn’t satisfied.

I was almost broke.

It had to be done, 555, 552, 500, a DR they said.

The veil was lifted. I was broke.

SWMBO left the house, I showed her the door. My jaw hit the floor.

I was awakened.

My obsession had finally abated.

Then I heard, “there is a Statement”.




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