An original CD3 vs a recent Roksan K3?

Current set up is a CD3 (bought new in '96), a 72 with hi-cap & a 140 through a pair of recently purchased Spendor S3/5R2 (brilliant speakers for a small room). I love the sound & I’m sure you will all advise why change but of course the curse of anyone who loves their music is always “could it be better” &, probably like the rest of you, I’m addicted to keeping an eye on what’s on the market (but always with an eye on available funds). I’ve recently had the opportunity to buy a very realistically priced (at least compared to a used CD5xs or CDS) Roksan K3 CD Di with very few hours on the clock. My question to you good people is has anyone got any experience with the K3 (or Roksan in general). Any views out there as to what a much newer K3 might add to my system over the CD3 or am I chasing shadows?

Hi devondick :thinking:
I would go for the Roksan with as you say few miles on the clock this should ensure long term ownership :nerd_face:.
The cd3 might yeald problems later on regarding a failing mech. I believe, according to a recent post from Naim replacement mechs a very thin on the ground now. One reason I’m selling cds3 after service is how much longer can it be repaired :thinking:. Ultimately one day it ends up in the bin oopss :roll_eyes:recycling centre :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks for the reply omegaman. I had some work done on the CD3 a few years ago so, fingers crossed, it should be OK for a few more years but I take on board your comment regarding lack of replacement mechs. I just wasn’t sure if the Roksan would be any improvement in sound quality…if it isn’t then no real point in spending money as long as the CD3 is still working OK. As a matter of interest what are you replacing the CDS3 with? I only wish I had the funds to be in that sort of CD territory! Thanks again.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about CD3 longevity. The CDM9 is one of the most reliable mechs ever made. The only issue that tends to crop up with it is that the platter drops on the spindle. It’s a very quick fix that can usually be done by just about anyone.

And the CD3 is a such a joyously characterful machine to listen to. I’m sure a modern player will be far more neutral though. But will it be as engaging and as much fun?

As for the CDS3, replacement mechs are still available from Naim. Naim have always had a policy with CD mechs to stock up with spares whenever they have learnt that a mech would be discontinued. Of course, I don’t know about other companies, their CD players and what their mech spares situation might be, but you could always find out if you’re concerned.

Hi devondick I’m replacing cds3 with rega turntable the cds3 is good but I feel vinyl is better with a very good turntable as discussed in a previous post on this forum. Yes the player was expensive and appreciate naim can still replace mechs but for how much longer :thinking:

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