Analogue FM being turned off in Switzerland this year

Article seen on internet.

Switzerland turning off ALL analogue FM broadcasts this year.

Any updates on UK timetable?

There are no current plans to cease using the FM broadcast band in the UK. DAB / DAB+ still has patchy coverage in some rural areas.

However BBC Radio4 LW was to be turned off imminently. Apparently cost and lack of spares for LW transmitter are key drivers.

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The Archers won’t be the same if not on LW 198. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’s not been the same since they moved the Home Service on Long wave to 198 from 200!

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Out of interest do you know when that happened.

What a gorgeous radio :grinning:

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Thank you it’s all original.
1953 Ultra Coronation Twin. R786
You might have seen this model in many old British films like I’m Alright Jack and especially The Green Man.

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Feb 1988 I think?

You can always internally retrofit it when it becomes obsolete. Depends whether it’s more important to you to keep using something beautiful or preserve it as a pristine but useless antique.