Anatomy of an LP12

Been trying to understand a bit more about the LP12. Is every part of it upgradeable? The components, their versions, what’s considered good and what not so good, what plinth versions have been releassed and so on. I haven’t found anywhere that lists all this info yet so thought to ask. You see so many out there and each has either a different arm or a different power supply or some other part that is different. So trying to make sense of it all.

PS: I hope this post is allowed.

I’m afraid I can’t help never having owned one. There must be someone who has put together a family tree!

Yes, the LP12 is a modular system. I bought mine in 1979 with Grace arm and Supex cart but only the platter is left from that one. I have upgraded with Cirkus, Kore, Lingo4, Ekos2, Krystal, Trampolin and a new plinth. I also have a Naim Prefix preamp in the plinth.

There oldest plinths have to be replaced but otherwise I beleive you can pick and choose. Having it setup correctly is essential.

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I started with lp - 12 w/used ittok lvII. Over the years added cirkus / lingo 2, ekos arm , keel , krystal cartridge and also prefix in the plinth. The prefix is powered from my 282 but would probably benefit from it’s own ps. At the time of purchase , I did not realize how modular it was and most of these upgrades came along later. If you decide to get a lp-12, try to work with someone who can guide you. It’s not difficult to see the upgrade path but their are still alot of combinations to deal with.


I hope I can help, been an owner of an LP12 for 16 years,
the deck is made of differing components which when finished come together,

Linn offer 3 finished options on deck at 3 levels
Majik - entry level (if you can call £££ entry)
Akrute - mid - which is where my deck is
Kilmax - this being the top with external PSU

I lot of LP12 owners take the individual parts of the deck and change them from 3 party parts or upgrade from Linn own

Outter plynth - this is often a wood finish either Linn or others
Inner bearing - Cirkus
internatal stability - LInn offer Kore and Keel
top plate - again Linn or 3 rd Party parts
Speed control - this can be either Linn or internal 3rd party and ideally external
Arm - various either Linn or 3rd Party
PSU - Linn or 3 party
Cartridge - lot’s of options
Phono stage can be internal with Linn or external I use a stageline S
there is also a number of options on internal wiring and upgrades

I may well of missed some info, I always rely of my dealer for advice and upgrades - the decks like all specialist equipment need to be correctly set up, stand’s etc, but once done - enjoy the Music!

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these pics from my deck build by @Cymbiosis last year, shows bear plynth, Khan top plate (black) Kore, Lingo 4 fitted and finished, when it’s done right these decks are a sublime muiscal source

underneath - mine is Kore

Finished deck doing what it is supposed to do - PLAY MUSIC!


Nice LP12 history/mod history on Class A’s (Sheffield) website.

Would post a link but not sure if it would contravene rules.

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It’s a real annoyance that Linn shut their forum.

If there is an archive of this elsewhere I’m struggling to find the right section.

Google searches provide loads of Linn related info but the links are dead as they go to the old site.

Same for Naim in some ways - I know the archive is up but searches for old topics won’t link directly to these topics, and you have to rely on a new search as the archive does not replicate the old forum structure as far as I can tell.

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There are some really useful and very interesting downloads on the @Cymbiosis site; a history of the LP12 and a 3-part set up guide, for example.

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Alley_Cat, yes it is a problem :frowning: However, if you are on Facebook there is a very good, friendly and informative LP12 group now and many from the blue place have moved there. Likewise there is a very good and friendly Naim group too.



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You could also look on the HiFi Kabin forum, which is mostly inhabited by LP12 users. There is much discussion on various mods for the LP12, most recently about the two aluminium plinths offered by Tangerine Audio and Tiger Paw. It has become a home for those who used to contribute to the Linn forum.

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You have hit the nail on the head. You see quite a few used LP12s for sale but the huge amount of those funky names (that Linn uses for the components) is confusing. Hence why i am trying to find out if there is some sort of chronology of each component upgrade path and evolution through the years.

I have seen quite a few people using third party components which have included Rega arms as well. So I assume that the secret behind the LP12 is not necessarily every part being Linn but rather how well various parts (Linn or not) work with each other in the setup? And presumably the wooden base plays an important part in this?

You’ve had a few signposts that will tell you exactly what you need should you choose to follow them :wink:

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I’m an LP12 DIY upgrader and downgrader and have over the past 5-6 years owned Linn Basik, Ittock, Fidelity Research FR12 and now a modded Rega RB250 arms and have fitted and unfitted a Valhalla, Lingo 1, Hercules Mose and now Taps PSU’s. I’ve fitted 2 plinths an early Aformosa fluted and now a corner braced Black Ash, I’ve changed top plates, motors, subchasis, armboards, cross braces, springs and grommets.
The LP12 can be great fun to build and rebuild I’ve no doubt mine could sound better built by a true expert but it’s mine and I built it.

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So far, as far as I can see, no one has actually replied as to if there is a definitive list or details on the information the OP asked for.
All of these Linn names must mean something:
Which is best?
Which are best avoided?
Is there a chronology or a timeline as to when the different modifications came out?
Which, if any is generally considered better than another?
Keel or Lingo? Trampolin or ???

The LP12 is a money pit if you’re not careful. You can end up spending thousands for marginal improvements. Many get locked in to the mythology as every so called upgrade is touted as being transformational.

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AKA high-end hifi - pick a brand of your choice!

@anon37289833 I have never met an LP12 owner who just spends money for the upgrades, agree some are not cheap even more reason to get it a dealer and demo

I upgraded mine last week Jon. Expensive yes. Value for money, questionable. Am I happy with my choice, oh yes. We often have debates here about the cost of Hi Fi which can be entertaining, and Linn get their share of criticism. However, we all have our own minds and no one tells us what to spend our cash on!