Ancient system multi-room options, help needed

Unlike so many here, I’ve never upgraded my 1992 CDi/NAC62/NAP90/Rega Ela’s although I did add a ND5/XS2 last year. It still makes me smile.
I want to listen to the same source in a second largish room rather than just cranking the volume. I have no problem with it being one room or the other, not both.
Is there anyway to use the NAP90 to drive a 2nd pair of speakers?
Could I take a second output from the NAC62 to drive a 2nd power amp speaker combination?
The speaker cable length to the 2nd room would be 8-9M.
It seems daft to pay for a 2nd front-end when all I need is a way of selecting room 1, or room 2 and using the excellent front-end that I already have.
I know many of you will have very modern systems that do this by design, is there a sensible way to get an ancient system to power two pairs of speakers in different rooms, if only using one pair at any one time?

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There are a few ways you could do this based on your existing kit -

The simplest solution would be to just use a speaker switching box. I believe @Dan_M uses one of these to switch between speakers in different rooms so he may be able to recommend a suitable unit.

Add a Hicap and a second NAP. You’d have to switch on the appropriate NAP for the room you want to listen to though.

If you wanted independent volume control for the second room then you could add a Naim Nait of suitable vintage and connect the tape out of the 62 to one of the inputs on the Nait.

A few ideas anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Beresford TC7220 MKII is what I use.

Allows the connection of two separate amps and two sets of speakers. I alternate between my power amps (2 x Nap 135s) and AV amp and then a set of speakers and another set in the conservatory.

You’ll need more cable and banana plugs but once installed it makes life very easy.


I second @james_n re Tape Out to e.g. a Nait in the second room.

Independent volume controls in each room are a must, IMHO.


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Same as above but it needen’t be a Nait. If you can find one great. But if the second zone is also of lesser importance (not your primary listening space) then any quality integrated and suitable speakers matched to it will do hanging off the 62’s tape out. Given the quality source, you could go better, the same, or lesser than your current system in the second zone.

For example, $200 and job done with a second hand Arcam/NAD/Denon etc driving second hand Mission/Qacoustics/KEF etc. And quite honestly, if well matched that could sound really good. Or assign the 62/90 to zone 2 and get a Supernait 3 and new speakers for zone 1.


Agreed! A Yamaha CR-620, or a classic Marantz receiver etc. would be far from wrong in Zone 2.

Or Luxman might do, equally well. :wink:


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