And what speakers are these please?

Spotted on a trashy HBO TV series…

and a bonus point if you can name the trashy TV series :wink:

OMA Minis?

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Yep… looks likely.

Not sure what the show is, but that looks like a Jacob Jensen phone on the wall :sunglasses:

Bowers & Wilkins used to have something that looked similar, but much larger, with a curved electrostatic(?) panel on top. Was it called the 801?

No it was called the Model 70 or later the DM70. This was the “continental” version. There was also a boxy “standard” version.

I had these back in the day, nearly fifty years ago.



Thanks, David, how weird to see a picture of that again, after all these years.

Very futuristic, did they only come (as I remember) with a white finish for the main section?

I imagine that that lower section had a bass/midrange device. Was the top piece electrostatic?

The black metal stand at the bottom looks very similar to one that I had for QUAD ESL63s many years ago, made by a company called Stand And Deliver (I kid you not!).

No actually they also came with a wood veneer finish. Mine were white but my father had a similar pair finished in rosewood.

Yes the bass unit was a 15 inch conventional driver and the mid/top was all handled by the electrostatic unit above.

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