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Hi all

Couple of questions as a recent convert to Android.

What’s with the delay in showing Albums when you go into Artist? Sometimes it can take 30/40 seconds. This was fairly instant on my iPhone. Using a Core if that’s relevant.

I thought if you had Tidal the albums you didn’t have would also show up down the bottom but it’s been sometime since I’ve had Tidal.


Known issue with Android devices. I have been diligently uploading videos to Naim documenting the issue. And for a few months now I have been getting responses along the line of ‘we’re looking into it’ but nothing more. I am starting to have the distinct impression that Naim can’t be bothered with this… I am now constantly hijacking my wife’s iPad to browse my Uniti Core music collection.

Thanks for letting me know.

Same here, I’ve been using my wife’s old iphone11 for Naim App, so effectively acting as remote for my audio systems with Naim, Bluesound and Sonos.

There are also a few features available in iOS version of NaimFocal app but not available in android version.

When using the Android app and Artist view I can no longer see any tracks! Used to work but no longer.

Same here. Luckily I have not experienced the other problems listed above. I can access albums instantly after choosing artist. (Android, Pixel 7, Core).

But having chosen an album, no tracks are listed. As it happens, it does not bother me greatly as I rarely source my selection that way. But clearly it is not a one off problem.

I must be really lucky because I don’t see this issue at all. Is the time it takes to display artists not determined by whatever upnp server you’re using?. FWIW I use Asset on a QNAP NAS with approx 15k tracks and 1200 albums and navigating the Artist view in the Naim app is instant.

You could always try bubbleupnp and see if that makes a difference, but knowing nothing about the Core would it even work with that?

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