Android app iradio presets

I must be missing something here, I cannot seem to find a way of applying a preset to an iradio station, It must have worked before as my old presets are there.
App version is 2.15.2 device is a Mu-so 1st gen

Find the station you want to add using the “Internet radio” option then either long press the icon and select add to favourites or, if the station is playing, tap the bar at the bottom and tap the star icon.

To change the order of presets and in particular to add/remove a preset from the 5 options selectable on the top of the Muso, scroll to the bottom of the presets on the front screen and select edit presets. Press and hold a preset and drag to the position you want. The first 5 are the ones selectable from the top of the Muso, the others are only selectable from the app.

Thank you very much, It always makes sense when explained clearly. I could not seem to find an explanation anywhere, now it is obvious!

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