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Anyone else having issues with the Android app? My version constantly crashes and occasionally refuses to link with my Atom. I’m totally in love with my little box of magic and recently treated it to a pair of KEF R3s but the app is a PITA

App is very stable here with the ND5XS2 on a selection of Android devices. Have you tried force stopping the app and clearing cache and data?

yes, it started really misbehaving a few months ago, in the end I decided to upgrade my router and broadband after so many resets and excellent support from Naim. This has stopped it for the time being, as well as today changing some settings in the router I am monitoring it …I think Android comes second after IOS in the development line.

Hi there, Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time with the app and you’re right, the Atom is a fantastic bit of kit. Please could you email Support ( who will be more than happy to take a look at your issues.

I have noticed that since the last update of the android app on my phone that when looking for stored music on my Star, that if I go via the artist search I don’t get the albums up, whereas if I go via albums it is fine for WAVs on the Star SD card. The iPad works fine so I tend to use that, but sometimes if I am downstairs in the kitchen/dinning room and want to play an album stored on the Star via my unitlite it is a bit of a hassle having to get the iPad.

I changed from the iOS to the Android app about a year ago. The later does occasionally fail to find my Atom, Core or Mu-So and I have experienced a couple of minor software glitches since the last two app updates but I’d say it’s reliable 95% of the time.

I have contacted Naim support for help. I want to sell my Atom and get a Star , but I fear being embarrassed when I demo my kit and the app refuses to work. I am looking hard at a Muso-2 for my other lounge but would want to ensure that the app can be persuaded to work in the first instance.

I’d say (at the risk of being a fanboy) that the Atom is one helluva bargain and outperforms my old NAD 3020D and Rega Brio by an appreciable margin and easily drives my enormous KEF R3s. What speakers do you lot use? I had some LS50s recently

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