Android volume slider jumps left on touching

Hi, in the Naim app on Android when I touch the the volume slider it jumps left and the volume goes down.
App version 2.16.0 but it also did it on the previous version.
Is it just me?

Don’t suppose you’ve got anything else that can control the voume on a computer such as Roon/Audirvana?

At least it’s not jumping right and playing extremely loudly I suppose, but I understand this would be disconcerting.

Sorry not running an Android device currently so can’t confrim.

I have other things but I usually use whatever I have to hand. It works but just a bit annoying. I kind of assumed that it would be fixed in the next release. It wasn’t.

Which Android device? Are you sure you touch the dot and not the area to the left? The os will interpret that event differently.

I use my son’s old Samsung S8 when the iPad isn’t to hand and the biggest bother with that is the curved edge that stops selection by letter, it just plays the track at that x coordinate. It’s as if the app touch contact position isn’t correctly interpreted.

Samsung galaxy S6. I don’t know if there problem is just this device. I wondered if it was a general problem but it looks from the lack of common responses that it isn’t. Interesting observation about the S8 though.

Just tested my wife’s Samsung S9 and it also behaves the same way but not quite so markedly. Definitely doesn’t do this with my ipad.

I cannot reproduce this on a BQ Aquaris X2 Pro.

But if it is annoying you could try to switch to +/- volume keys instead of the slider in the settings.

Well I never knew that option was there! That works quite nicely. Many thanks for the suggestion.

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