Android! Yay!

I bought an iPad about a year ago as I was getting fed up with the shonky Android interface for the NAIM app and a search of the forum recommended it, along with it’s iOS “operating system for kids”…

In an effort to get back to ‘everything on one device’ mode, I reloaded the app on to my Android device just to see if there was any improvement and… shazzam! It works perfectly and even looks better.

Well done NAIM.

I very rarely use the app preferring the buttons on the NDX and volume knob on the SN2! :wink: However in a bid to try and get used to the fact that it looks like I’ll HAVE to use an app if I ever want to upgrade - seeing as all the new products don’t have any buttons on them - I’ve dug out my Asus tablet and tried the app a few times over the last few weeks. However I keep on getting the message that the device is no longer connected, I can’t remember exactly the words but it’s a whole page saying, essentially, ‘streamer not found’. The fix is restart the app but not exactly a great result. The last time this happened was last night. So when was this update? Should I remove the app and start again?

Asus what? Phone? Laptop? Does it run Android? If Android, will it update? Do you have a mobile device?

Asus Nexus tablet.

Android 6, I think.

No it won’t update the android.

Yes it’s mobile… I can pick it up and stroll around with it :wink:

Glad they’ve improved it on Android - not sure I’d describe iOS as an OS for kids, but it’s increasingly cryptic to use features and Settings is an utter mess.

Apple’s walled garden is all very well from a security viewpoint which is handy, but they really should allow multiple user profiles for the devices.

solwisesteve… Sounds like you need up-to-date Android.

I think you’re right however I’m not a smartphone user and I don’t really use or want to use the app anyway. I mean I want to hold off having to go that route as long as possible. When I’m forced to do the jump then I’ll get a new tablet with the most up to date android possible. However that’s 150 quid better put off until tomorrow :wink:

I have an Android 6 smartphone (and a £110 Android 7 tablet), and the Naim app is generally quite reliable.

The only problem with the Naim app on the 'phone is the odd behavior where it changes the size of the folder / album icons on the screen part way through scrolling the list - this doesn’t stop it working OK it just looks rather peculiar.

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