Andy Fletcher RIP (Depeche Mode)

No words to say. Will be spinning some vinyl tonight for him.



Damn. RIP indeed :’(


Gutted :disappointed:

Such a shame and so young.

The Termagant (who is an old schoolfriend of Andy’s wife Grainne) and I went to their house only last month. He’d had health problems but we were surprised at how frail he looked, much older than his 60 years. He was always a lovely guy, really sweet, very gentle. I feel so sorry for Grainne and their kids Joe and Megan.


What sad news. One of my heroes of youth has passed away.
He always seemed to be the quiet and reserved one, the resting force in Depeche Mode.

This one hit quite hard :pensive:

Agree, terrible terrible shame and so young really. I always remember him in the “just can’t get enough” video and looks about 13 years old sipping his cocktail … It is the 4th mode read story on the BBC website which shows how much he meant to people.

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It is sad news, DM have been part of my music journey to-date, a founding elements while at Secondary School.
One of the bands I have seen repeatedly over the last 4 decades, from small venues, stadiums and the Royal Albert Hall (2010).
Where do DM goes from here, now with just 2 members.

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Maybe Andy Wilder joins again? Or they just stop.

Same same - they have always ‘been there’; and a go-to listen for me. Genuinely really saddened by this news.

Very sad news indeed - as both Martin Gore and Dave Gahan have established “solo” careers I cant see there being any further DM releases - they’ll probably guest on each others work or maybe just release as MGDG? Anyhow a very sad day - RIP Andy!

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RIP Andy.
Been a DM fan since seeing New Life on TOTP in 1981.
It sounded like a future I wanted to be part of.
It was.


Real popular music pioneer very sad day.


Sad news :frowning:

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Very sad… many memories of listening to DM as a kid in the 80s.

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Went to see Pet Shop Boys last night and they did a dedication at the encore. Nice touch.

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Very very sad news being myself a huge DM fan. I always appreciated his nice and calm attitude, a key figure in the economy of the band.

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DM were on “From the Vaults, by Guy Garvey” on Sky Arts, which in the last episode was featuring 1981

They looked so young, 41 years ago.

Listening to “Just can’t get enough” at school just seems like 5 minutes ago and not close to 40-years