Andy Rourke

Still in his 50s. Tragic


Just read the same, shocked. Love the smiths.

Arrrh rubbish.
I’ve just seen the news about this. Absolutely gutted.
The Smiths were (and still are in some ways) a huge influence.
For my generation, it’s like one of the Beatles just died.
Unique bass player.
He had a particular technique, playing the strings really close to the edge of the bridge where he rested the heal of his hand, which gave a lovely tone that I always wanted to copy. Fender Precision through an Ampeg amp sounded awesome as the backdrop to Marr’s gorgeous guitar and Joyce’s drum work. I could pick out his melodic bass playing style anywhere. The incredible instrumental section in Barbarism Begins At Home for example, demonstrates his pace rhythm and timing to drive the song along - funky, indie, effortlessly cool.
A hugely talented musician and apparently a top bloke too.
RIP Andy - and thank you for what you gave to the world.


The Smiths were my favourite band and the first time I saw them live, in November ‘83, is a night I’ll never forget. The focus was generally on Morrissey, who was such a captivating frontman, and then Johnny Mart’s brilliant guitar playing. But behind them, holding it all together and driving the band along, was the wonderful rhythm section of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. They provided real power behind the sound and all four of them were equal in my eyes. Cancer is such a cruel disease, which takes too many far too young. Thanks for the music Andy, and rest in peace.


Would so loved to have seen them live. Only found out about them while babysitting and bored enough to watch the South Bank Show. All over by then and I was in the wrong country anyway!

My big music regret was not catching The Smiths back in the day when I so easily could have - head somewhere else then. The only band where I hum along to the bass lines.

Very sad to read this news - a bit of a shock. I was lucky enough to see The Smiths live in 1985 in Manchester and they were excellent.

There is a very good piece from Alexis Petridis here:

Sad news, they were a staple in my regular listening for so long.

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RIP Andy.

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