Angelo Badalamenti

RIP Angelo Badalamenti.

This favourite of favourite albums getting a spin tonight.


It’s been a while. Really is a wonderful album.

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This is terrific:


That’s sad news indeed, I loved ‘Twin Peaks’ so much, with the divine Julee Cruise singing ‘Falling In Love Again’.

There has never been anything on TV quite like it, and the music played such a large part in that. I’m surprised that it’s not on constant repeat on one of the satellite video channels, but perhaps there are copyright difficulties.

PS I’ve just read that Julee Cruise committed suicide earlier this year, after suffering with lupus and depression. How dreadfully sad that is. I shall play my Julee Cruise CD as soon as I can.


Very wonderfully, Petroc Trelawny has just played the ‘Twin Peaks’ theme tune on his Breakfast show on BBC Radio 5.


There was a third series, Graham. Called Twin Peaks: the Return and Twin Peaks: a Limited Event Series in 2017. Directed by Lynch it contains many of the original cast and an older Kyle MacLachlan. It is set 25 years after the the original events. It is an artistic triumph besides reigniting interest in Twin Peaks. So I bought DVD/Blue Ray to see everything and Fire Walk with Me as very little was available to stream.

Thank you for that, Derek, which is complete news to me. I shall investigate when I can.

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