Anita O'Day Forgotten Talent

I’ve just bought a double vinyl
Anita O’Day - The Big Band Sessions
Its one of those hardly played survivors of a 1979 re-issue of 1959-1961 recordings. Anita O’day’s brilliant jazz interpretation shines through some quirky artificial stereo remixing. She lead a colourful life and was probably slightly past her best by this time but what a talent!


She is certainly not forgotten roadster. She was a wonderful vocalist!

Mosaic Records also brought out an excellent CD box set of the Complete Anita O’Day Verve studio recordings, now OOP. No messing around with false sound on that one.

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The complete Verve/Clef set is available on Qobuz under Verve Reissues

The Mosaic box:

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Famous appearance in Jazz on a Summer’s Day.

Showed her metal early on the Gene Krupa track 1941 with Roy Eldridge …
Let me off uptown. YouTube.

You can watch Anita O’day. Life of a jazz singer on Amazon Prime.


Yes agree. Jazz on a summers day essential viewing for any music fan.

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