Annoying things while listening

Getting this off my chest. How annoying is it when you are listening to music and someone starts playing stupid sh*te from their bloody phone at full volume. It’s like you were watching a great film, Shawshank??, and someone comes and stands right in front of the screen and scratches their backside. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Wherever I am, not just listening to music. The sound of people’s phones telling them a message email, text, whatsapp or whatever) has been received is highly irritation, more so than telephone calls. And watching a video on a smartphone or tablet with sound audible to others in the room is downright rude if they are not also watching or have indicated they are happy with it. Yet all these things seem to be accepted widely today as normal behaviour (though not in my house at least).

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The hoover. "I’ll just finish in here, it won"t take long’.


I keep meaning to order a consignment of $1 headphones from Ali Express and then simply hand out as required. Reckon I could get through a few dozen sets most weeks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Falling asleep.


And then wakening up to the sound of silence at 02.30am. :zzz: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Well of course maybe everyone else finds you listening to music annoying. ‘Oh God not DSOTM again…’

Lighten up folks!



It’s time to admit that you need a mancave.

The good thing you can always play it again (and in some cases over and over again). I play my music that loud I often think it’s me annoying others.

Consideration for others is key - which is what the theme of this thread seems to be. That of course does apply to the person playing music – and there is a primary advantage in having a music room that is separated from living areas used for other purposes at the same time, and only playing the loudest music when other people are out, etc.

You never ever have this issue if you do the hoovering.


The problem with consideration is that not everyone considers things equally. I grew up a spoiled only child and enjoy my own company and listening to music for the sake of that alone. I’m pretty much unique in my family now in that respect so it’s not very often I get to listen properly. I don’t begrudge that at all. My family are far more important and usually far more entertaining than hifi. But every now and then I’m entitled to be stroppy. It’s a good thing I can blow off steam here and maintain relations at home :sweat_smile:


Not qualified. Every time I try, Mrs Bruss says I’ve missed a bit and does it again. :wink:

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Today I am cooking, ironing, hoovering and polishing while Mrs M is at the star wars expo at London Excel with our son and neice. It won’t make a jot of difference. :rofl:

Listening to Suzanne Vega with someone singing every lyric to her songs was quite annoying. That’s why I prefer standing so I can move around but that’s the joy of live music! At home I annoy myself with looking at the iPad while trying to listen to music.

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Then learn to do the job properly :slight_smile:

I have to suffer the occasional out of tune sing along but that’s about.

No absolutely not …….

Private investigations, Love over Gold

Especially around the wood stove

There must be quiet hoovers

When you are settling down just putting your feet up listening to some tunes and its cold and raining outside. The dog goes and sits by the door to be let out and you have 5 minutes to kill before he’s finished sniffing around to get back to your favorite spot.