Anodised cases

I know I should know, but don’t! Which units come in the anodised finish, the same as the £500 more expensive option on the 555PS? Are the other 500-series units in that finish as ‘standard’? How noticeable is the difference, e.g. if one had two 555PS’s in Fraim, one of each finish, would it stick out or once in the Fraim stack is it not too obvious?


The 500 series has the anodized finish on all products except the classic finish on the lower cost 555 dr ps. It is not really noticeable if its in the middle of a stack imo.

Thanks. I have a good offer on a new 555PS to be the second on my ND555 and just pondering whether it’s worth £500 more for the anodised finish (which will be the same as that on my current PS and the other 500 units), or whether the classic finish won’t be noticeably different in the rack and might as well use the £500 elsewhere!


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If I’d already spent £60,000 on my black boxes I really wouldn’t be worrying about a measly £500. Get them all matching or you’ll regret it.

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Its the first time I hear about different prices for the 555PS based on the finish? For real? Never seen this even mentioned on seller’s pages, including commercial ones where you would expect two prices, weird.

Can someone please clear this up? Is this just for the case and the front is always anodised? On the product pages, in Specifications, it says:

555PS, NAC552:
Case: Brushed and black anodised
Front: Brushed and black anodised

(and does not mention any options for the 555PS)

NAP 300, NAC 252:
Case: Black powder coated
Front: Brushed and black anodised

Finishes: Brushed and anodised aluminium

(does not distinguish case and front, but “finishes” makes it seem as if there was a choice between two different things)

It’s been available in two finishes for ages, to match either Classic or 500 series. The former is £500 cheaper. If you look at the Naim price list, you’ll see both versions. The front is the same in both; it’s simply that in the 500 version it’s anodised all over, whereas with the cheaper Classic version the case is painted to match other Classic stuff.

Thanks. So the NDX2 is simply incomplete on the product page and should say the same as 300 and 252 for case and front?

And is there a link to “the Naim price list” on Never seen that one either. Thx

Bottom box is 555PS in anodised finish, the others above are classic finish. The front panels are all identical, and it’s a barely visible difference on a Fraim from the front


I’ve no idea what it says on the website, but here is the U.K. price list.

Nobody ever showed me this, thanks very much

There is a second page for the bits and bobs, so you can go ‘bloody hell, a Fraim base costs how much?!!!’


I like to look at the SL internonnects :slight_smile: Thank you :heart:

The UK Recommended Retail Price List is available from UK dealers - some have it on their websites for you to download.

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There is a USA list pricing that can be found using the search “Naim USA Pricing” and a couple of results make available the 2020 and 2017 price listings.

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thank you, it simply never occurred to me I guess. Convenient

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HH, do you know where to find the price of three tall legs and hardware?

looking in the USA priceless the individual prices are listed for the:

Fraim Level 115 - Height: 4 1⁄2” - $990.00
Fraim Level 190 - Height: 7 1⁄2” - $1,090.00
Fraim Level 264 - Height: 10 3⁄8” - $1,190.00

…they are also listed in the UK pricing posted above by HH.

Those prices include the shelf though I think, I just want the price of the three tall legs and long threaded rod to match them.

I believe other members have mentioned in the past that they worked with their dealers to order different leg heights and the attachment hardware is the same if replacing a leg size in an existing frame setup.

…someone who knows for sure will be along.

Thanks seakayaker, in my case, I actually already own the three tall legs, I got them when I ordered a full Fraim base. Recently I moved away from Naim to Nagra, and went back to the short legs on my Fraim. I bought the base so I could copy all the dimensions to convert my four Fraimlite levels to full Fraim spec. I figured I might as well grab the tall legs with the base, since I might be able to use the height on other amps etc. In the future. Anyway, I gave the legs back to my local dealer towards a bill I still owe him, I just want to know what they are worth, to reduce my bill with him by. I also gave him back a 7m set of Naca5 with F connectors towards the bill.