Another boring Tidal question

If I select a tune with “Play this track”, Tidal now repeats the track after it has finished playing.

Can’t find anything in Settings to adjust this.

Anybody? :thinking:

naim app does something similar when i shuffle play an album or playlist on qobuz the first track is played again somewhere in the mix (naim are aware). but it seems ok playing a single track. probably best to contact naim support unless someone knows a fix?

When you look at the Play queue in the Naim app, have you got the Repeat icon engaged? Try taking it off, clear the queue, add another single track and see whether the Repeat icon stays off or not.

Intrigued by this issue, I took my Naim for a test drive.
And I have to report that all was quiet at the end of my chosen tracks. So that one less job for me!
The shuffle issue is different though. It’s a feature that I never use, but from an outsider’s point of view it would suggest that the track numbers are being played randomly, which would account for tracks making their way to the top of the queue, though if that were the case, it’s a bit untidy I think you’d agree.

No, the play queue stays in the defined order, but the track being played jumps up, down and around the list. I nearly always use random on playlists (most of which aren’t mine). Last night I was enjoying the Naim ‘birthday’ playlist of songs from 1973 - high class though and through!

Ah Ha!!

(Excuses myself with an incoherent mumblance. Shuffles embarassedly off, stage left…)



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