Another cable question

Looking at the snaics, do they need to be serviced as they look to be bending out the back of the connections to the hi cap at an unnaturally sharp angle.

They work so I don’t think any wires have broken

They’ll be fine. I’d unlock the rings though.

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They’re fine - the SNAIC cable assembly is quite thick for the plug itself and causes the droop - there is further strain relief within the DIN plug itself so if all is well sound wise then i’d leave it along. If there is breakage around the rubber strain relief then time to get it fixed. Might be worth checking the cables are hanging free and not under any tension though.

On socket 3 , but i wouldn’t unlock them on socket 4.


It’s fine so long as you don’t have a pet sloth.

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Arboreal considerations aside, better safe than sorry with power carrying SNAICS.


Thank you everyone👍

That is my approach. SNAICs with power are locked. Rather safe than sorrow.


It’s also Naim’s recommendation for SNAICS and Burndies. Unlocking or removing the collar is for pure interconnect DINs only.


In my system the only cable ends with locking collars that are not SNAIC/Burndy are the two DIN-XLR for my 300DR and I have a pair of WItchHat Morgana on the way to replace them. Thereafter, if a has a locking collar then I know it has power and locked it will be. In the meantime, I lock my DIN-XLR anyway.

Me too. Once you’ve experienced a SNAIC accidentally disconnecting while the power is on, you 'll do everything you can to ensure it never happens again!


It happened to me many years back when I managed to snag one while groping around at the back of my system trying to connect something up the lazy way - Ouch!

That’s what you get if you do your groping in inappropriate places.


Hi Richard, What damage did it do?


Phil, luckily only my peace and pride were somewhat shattered. Loud cracks and a very high pitched squeal emanated from the speakers, and I feared the tweeters would be fried, but I was lucky…

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Hi Richard, Thanks. Yes, loud noises are frightening! Phil

Why would one unlock the rings? If it was better without locking I assume Naim would use DINs without it? I always hear “Do as Naim has intended” but not here? So Naim is not always right? :wink:

Slamdam, th DINs that Naim use have locking collars. A discussed above, it’s generally a good idea to ensure that they are done up to prevent accidental disconnection. However, with a source interconnect (where a disconnection is not quite so potentially catastrophic) it was found many years back through experimentation that by leaving the collar undone you could get a slightly better sound, likely through a decoupling effect that cut down on microphonic effects. Naim took this theory further with the introduction of the Air Plug, as used on the Hi-line and further developed on the Super Lumina interconnect cables.

Ok thanks. From an engineering point of view why is there an improvement? Minimising vibrations?

It’s about microphonic effects on circuitry and trying not to allow microphonics in through system cabling. It’s why Naim decouple boards and in critical areas for the legs on things like resistors in order to lift them off the board and suspend them - Naim even go to greater extremes of putting fully sprung suspended boards on higher end kit.