Another dedicated spur question

That sound just about ideal, if pretty hard core.

Just finding high quality sockets that will take 10mm is not 100% easy, never mind trying to run 4 (or 8) 10mm radials around the outside of my house - I think it’s a step further than I am (hopefully) going.

Also thanks to @kend for the actual BS number.


Just had a 10mm dedicated radial fitted for the Naim kit and a 6mm radial for the TV etc.

Prior to contacting the electrician I use (Last time was eight years ago) I was concerned that he might not understand my requirements. I gave him the specs from the Forum he aid he had never been asked for this before but it would not be a problem to carry out the installation as requested.

He didn’t seem to have any aggro fitting the 10mm cable into a MK non switched double outlet.

Dealer will be reinstalling the system next Tuesday.


10mm cable will certainly fit into an MK socket terminal. Even squeezing two into the same terminal so that you can daisy chain them is possible, but only just. The real challenge is bending the excess cable into the back box.

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