Another dodgy ebay sale ..NAP500

Looks like there is a dodgy couple of Nap 500 sellers on eBay…
Different sellers but similar layout … and details for direct contact phone number And very short listing …
Just search NAP 500

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Hmm… :thinking:

One shows a picture which clearly is NOT a 500, but could be a 250 - or 200…?


And 9 bids :man_shrugging:

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Crazy… :rofl:

The listing mentions Burndy’s…?

Is it a 300…? Maybe…??

I’ve reported to ebay as fraudulent.


You should report suspect sales to eBay: it is easily done.

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I reported both of them to Ebay as possible fraud. Everyone just click the report link and choose from the menus. Edit: Already by others :+1:

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I think that one picture is of a NAP 500, and the other looks like it may be the power supply for it.

Ah, I see…

NAP500 on Naim Website

Came to my mind as well. Still, listing is incorrect as both pretend to be a NAP 500


Yes I have reported it for breaking ebay listing rules with regards to direct contact outside of eBay ( as I wasn’t sure if its actually fraudulent )… but definitely doesn’t look right with different sellers for what appears to be same item and short listing times

I’ve also seen this listing - there’s also a regular (dodgy) ad that keeps popping up for Kudos Titans too.

That ad (nap 500) has been relisted a few times in the past couple of weeks.

I don’t feel that eBay really care about fraudulent listings.

This NAP500 listing has appeared at least seven times in the last week and I’ve reported it each time yet the listing stays live for many hours after it has been reported. After the listing eventually gets taken down the scammer uses a different stolen eBay account to list it again with the same contact details.

If eBay were serious about preventing fraud they could maintain a database of phone numbers and email addresses used in the listings by scammers and search that database each time a new listing gets created. Whilst this won’t fully prevent fraud it would make life a little more difficult for the scammers.

As it stands - the scammers can use the same contact details in each scam listing.


Both adverts have been taken down now

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It’s back. Again. 2 bids…

The “seller” has multiple items listed including a load of farm machinery and a Nd555 the photo for which looks like it’s been taken from a previous dealer posting. All items have just 1 photo which is a clue as to legitimacy. With that volume of stuff for sale the scammer will be happy to take cash for a small proportion of the items and for most to be removed. It’ll all be drugs related.

Well, the bid is at £3,100 …

Looks like its been removed ( again )

Hopefully before any money exchanged hands

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