Another failed attempt of making Mayonnaise

We love good food and I felt very proud when I looked in my car when leaving the supermarked: almost everything was good and healthy food. Loads of vegetables and fruit, real butter, milk, yoghurt, eggs etc … hardly any ‘produced’ foods, sweets.

We made self fried fries tonight. Just cutting the potatoes and first fry them on a low temperature, and after half an hour in the fridge, fry them a second time on a higher temperature. Brilliant simple good food (with the vegetables).

I tried to create mayonnaise again and it failed. Have tried it a couple of times now and it always stays liquid. The eggs and oil are all on the same room temperature - they are not stored in a fridge. I thought that I adde the oil really slowly but alas - still a bottle of liquid in the kitchen instead of silk soft mayonnaise.

Any experiences / golden suggestions?

I cannot find the method on line, but from a 1970s liquidiser book, two medium eggs, 1/2 pint sunflower oil, teaspoon of mustard - blend. Add lemon juice or wine vinegar at the end.
There are similar methods for a food processor…


Lots of tips here.


Interesting subject: I mix some mustard with the eggs before adding the oil. The choice of oil for me a blend of olive and rape.

Thank you. I plan to try again for tomorrow’s dinner.

I’ll add some mustard. Until now I only tried vinegar.

Meanwhile we had success. The trick seems to be to add first the egg yolk, then a teaspoon of mustard and once that is mixed, start adding the oil extremely slow.

I need to work on getting the taste well. The basic mayonaise is pretty tasteless, salt & peper & vinegar are needed. I could also experiment with different oil. My standard oil is sunflower oil and this is of course processed tasteless oil.

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Excellent… you don’t say what you had it with? Steak, ham sandwich, etc…
As I said above I use a mixture of rape seed and olive oil (ordinary). Rape adds a satisfying colour to the Mayo.
I also use home made whole grain mustard rather than Colman’s powder.

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