Another Green light blinks !

This is a pic of one of my terminations, obviously it needs a little trim, but it took a while to even get here.

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Vandamme 6mm Studio Blue. I used a Weller 230v soldering iron with a 2.4mm straight chisel tip. Solder was 40/60 lead/tin.
Tin the wire first and line the slot with solder. Try and keep the cable ends pointing downwards so as the solder won’t run up the inside of the insulation. I used a little dab of La-Co flux paste to aid flow, then took the solder to the joint until it was full. Clean off the joint afterwards with flux cleaner

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I had a faulty opto-coupler in my nait 5i and it done the exact same thing, it cost €250 to repair a few years back now.

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Not with A5, you’ll never get it in and don’t twist it, the Weller iron’s good though.


Where there’s a will… To be honest, the slots aren’t big enough to take 6mm cable so a little fettling is required

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