Another headphone connection question

I am looking at a pair of Meze Empyreans and Violectric V281, to connect from NAC552. I have a cable which was used from Phono blue ray out to 552 Din in, for an AV set up. Will this cable work given the signal will need to travel from Din to Phono in this case i.e. are Din/Phono cables directional?

Since I will not be using a balanced input connection, does that make any difference if connecting the headphones to the balanced output?

You need a din to phono lead, connected to the two output pins, rather than what you have. Use the unbalanced phono inputs on the Violectric.

Thanks HH, that what I feared.

I take it the usual changes can be experienced by experimenting with the phono>din cable and I imagine something like Chord Epic would be about right in this set up - does that sound reasonable?

Just about every review I have seen states the balanced XLR out is the best option for sound quality but is there any point using this if unbalanced inputs are used, or are the two not related?

The cable you use will affect the sound, yes. Just make sure it’s wired up correctly. One other thing you could consider is an unbalanced to balanced converter - I believe such things exist but have no idea whether they help or not. It’s probably best to start with a din to phono lead and go from there.

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How should I describe the cable with the correct DIN wiring? Would DIN5-180 (CH OUT 1, 2) > 2RCA get me what I need ?

If you use Chord or Flashback Sales and tell them what it’s to be used for, they will know what to do. The important thing is to ensure you get Din TO RCA. Chord make them in several of their cable ranges, from £125 upwards.

It will be Chord but via a dealer, who will order via distributor and I don’t want anything to be lost in translation. The dealer asked I describe exactly what I need, he was going to provide RCA > DIN…

It looks like pins 1, 4 & 2 are wired but the amp indicates ch1 & ch2 out. I assume there is a correct technical way to describe what I need

Perhaps it’s best to show them a picture…

The Epic also comes in Din to RCA if you want something more expensive at £500.

Thanks HH, I have asked for Epic. Adding a screenshot is a good idea…

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