Another list: Pitchfork's 200 best albums of the 60s

The blurb at the top of the feature says: Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Albert Ayler, the Velvet Underground, Eric Dolphy, Dusty Springfield, and the other artists who changed music forever.

I don’t know (or like) that whole “changed music forever” BS, but the list is interesting. Lots of surprising choices, which I’ve been working through this weekend.

Click here: Pitchfork’s best albums of the 1960s


As a person resolutely annoyed by lists, and bearing in mind the kerfuffle elsewhere over the RS 500, I think this is actually a magnificently representative list. Genuinely impressive.

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Goddamit, that’s an impressive list. Nice to see the jazzers, avant-gardists and the likes of Can and David Axelrod getting their due.

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Great, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen VU at No. 1 before in such a list. And the BBC Radiophonic Workshop makes the cut!!!

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