Another power supply question

For those who have experienced external power supplies on Naim integrated amps, the XS 2 in particular…
Did you find the changes could be generally described as:
a) transparency, clarity, agility, separation, detail, speed, sound stage, imaging, etc
b) warmth, tonal richness, weight, body, bass, dynamics, slam, etc
c) clinical, thin, bright, fatiguing, etc
d) boomy, lumbering, plodding, unmusical, etc
Thank you

I can’t speak to the XS2, but I put a Hi-Cap on my Supernait (1) and I will never use it without a power supply ever again!

Same with my nDAC. I tried it with an XPS and found it to be completely worth it. I will never use it without a power supply again.

Overall, I would describe the upgrade as being more authoritative in presentation with increased separation.

Good luck and let us know what you end up with!

Both a and b on mine then repeated with supernait.

Yep me too, had a hicap on an XS2 for a few weeks while waiting for a 282 to become available. It was a significant improvement. A bit overkill for nearly the same price new as an XS2 but definitely a big step up.

I also used a HiCap DR on my NAIT XS2 with positive results, it was a precursor to it being used on a Supernait later on so do bare in mind what your longer term plan is. If you intend at some point to go beyond the XS2 then perhaps get the Supernait or NAC first then add the HiCap to that instead.

Thanks guys,
I know that many of these threads end in ‘‘move up to SN3 or separates’’ but my budget won’t allow for that right now so based on your replies I’ll begin looking at a PSU upgrade.

What led me to this upgrade itch is that I recently needed a longer power cord for my non-Naim DAC. I figured I’d order some Furutech cable and plugs and put one together.
I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I wouldn’t attempt this with my Naim amp as I’ve learned from experience that the stock Naim power cord is the best match and was obviously not just some random cable thrown in the box.

Don’t overlook a used Supernait 2 either, it’s a lot of what the SN3 offers but for a lot less cost, if you were able to factor in the trade in value of your XS2 you’d probably be spending similar to what you would adding a HiCap to your XS2.

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