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After all of this time at home, and now kids are back in school, I’d like to set up a home office with a small system as I don’t know if I’m ever going back to the office full time. I have an extra set of speakers and naca5 speaker cable. Wondering about a supernait but don’t have anything as a source. I have an nd5xs2 and sonos on my main stereo. I think if i purchased another sonos port, i could connect that to a supernait, or another naim streamer that could connect to the internet for music? Any suggestions?


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Funny, that’s how I started my “office” system - a pair of Kans and some spare NACA5.

It’s ended up as a full fat active SBLs system.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! :laughing: :smiley_cat:


@suzywong One of my fears for sure!! I do actually have an HDX that I could connect to a supernait. That could be a good fit. I was using that with a USB stick plugged in for music. Never tried streaming with it though.

Might it be worthwhile leaving the Sonos through your ndac on the main system and moving the bare nd5xs2 to the new office system through whichever SuperNait you find? You could get started that way quickly and easily… especially if you don’t find too much difference between the two streamers on the main system. I’m assuming the Sonos through the ndac is much better than via its internal dac here. Likewise assuming that the ND5XS2 out plays the Sonos as a standalone source. Then, taking your time to adjust to the new home office life, you can plan your next move.

Confession: these are not systems I’ve heard… so I should also suggest trying a Nova or Atom in your home office: these are great all-in-one performers imho.

Good luck, have fun!

ps - if Roon appeals to you, a simple RPi4 end point into an RME ADI FS-2 dac is also a pretty awesome network streaming source.

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I was fortunate that I also had our venerable Meridian 101/103D and an equally vintage Pioneer DVD player in the loft.

That enabled me to cobble together a system, which sounded OK.

The downhill slide started when a grabbed a CD3.5 off the auction site one Wednesday afternoon, using my iPhone during a somewhat boring teleconference.

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What about an Atom? Great one-box solution with small-form factor…

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What about a unitilite?

Is this for nearfield listening with speakers close to your desk? If so I’m not sure a full blown Naim system is the best option. What speakers will you be using?

Also, do you need a proper standalone streamer or can you use your computer, and put your money into a decent USB DAC such as a Naim V1 or Chord Qutest.

I like all the suggestions everyone. It is a rather smaller room but the speakers won’t be right near the desk, more than likely to the side. The speakers are older Canton CT-90. A little bit of a bigger speaker but not overwhelming for the size of the room. I haven’t looked at a unitilie or atom but will do so. I also didn’t think about the nd5xs2 on the second system. I do feel like it is better sound than the sonos though.

Broken record time …Meridian 210.

I use this into TT1, NAP140, LS3/5a.

My dealer has a used set of 110/42 he thought could be a nice fit. Or a 202/200. Ironically, the 202/200 is where I started my naim journey, loved it for years with these same speakers.

I did much the same recently using an iPhone 6/Airport hub/RCA out…also with an iPad with 30-pin output & an Apple cable that offers line-output.

All lossless CD quality files, internet radio & iTunes.

Sounds great btw

@Sbcinternational Thanks. What are you using for an amp/pre?

A marvellous 5italic now, previously a Cyrus1 from 1986….

Get an Atom HE

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