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The consensus seems to be that when you use a sub with a naim amp the best connection is from the speaker terminals to the high input. However the superuniti has a dedicated sun rca output which I assume would go to the low input. 2 questions…(I) with the superuniti is the connection to the low input on the sun and (II) is there a reason to favour speaker terminals to high input over connection from the superuniti sub out to subwoofer? I ask as the direct connection from superuniti to subwoofer would make like much easier for me around cabling etc given where I plan to put a sub in my living room.

Yes, no problem using the Superuniti’s dedicated RCA sub out.

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sorry should have said that I might add in a mini dsp or something like the BK anti mode to do the filtering/set up for me which makes me lean more to using the sub out on the superuniti and not taking the connection from the speaker terminals.

Just remember that you’ll not be able to loop in to the amp or back into the pre-amp, so you can only use it in-line to the subwoofer.

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I assumed that the connection you mention was for Rel subs only?

When I used a Naim sub with my Superuniti I tried both high and low level connections. I found the high level connection to sound slightly better, but the difference was small and if it makes cable routing difficult for you it’s possibly not worth the hassle.

Before making a final decision on this I suggest that you keep a very open mind on sub location, as putting it in the wrong location generally makes it impossible to integrate it properly and then the sound tends to fall apart. Get it up and running, move it around the room, and keep on making adjustments until it sounds right.
Using DSP can help, but I would recommend getting the sub working as well as possible first and using it to tweak things rather than sticking the sub where it looks best and using heavy DSP to try to force it to behave itself.

The high level connection it best taken from the speaker rather than the amp output sockets, although there is a workaround that uses a special cable to allow connection to the amp without affecting its performance. This was designed primarily for Rel subs, but I’m pretty sure it would be fine with other makes too. Best talk to the sub manufacturer if you consider this option.


I have no sub experience but keep debating dual stereo subs. For me the high level connection to the speaker terminals make the most sense and have a positive for cable management if the subs are located next to the speakers it’s a short length and the only worry is getting a mains cable to them

It’s also the cheapest solution as all you need is a couple of lengths of thin, cheap speaker cable. That does assume, of course, that this is the optimum location for the subs. For me the best location in my last room turned out to be behind the sofa, and putting my NSub anywhere near the speakers was a disaster.

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