Another upgrade question

First post after a lot of reading here over the last year or so.

My hi fi journey from teens to now has been technics to NAD to Cyrus and then when that bit the dust a couple of years ago a uniti qute 2 which rekindled my interest in hi fi (and which i still have as second system.)

Since then i’ve made my way up to nd5 xs, nac282, nap200 (non DR), HiCap DR most ex demo or 2nd hand. Speakers are ProAc D20R. Ive also bought a lot of music in the last couple of years and am really enjoying sitting down and listening to albums again.

So, the question is when funds allow what should be my next upgrade.

Dealer suggests a Core to replace a WDMyCloud NAS.

Thoughts of my own (to give an idea of budget) are a pre owned XPS for the nd5 and perhaps later for use with a subsequent NDX 2 upgrade, trade in the 200 for a 250DR or an innuos zen or zen mini as an alternative to the core (just ripping with dbpoweramp at the mo).

Subject to the usual you need to listen for yourself caveats grateful for thoughts on best bang for buck.

Welcome to this mad house!

Loads of options. One thing for sure - NAS / Server upgrade is literally the last one of them.

Step 1
I would start with a good source. Before a power supply.
ND5XS is a good streamer, however with a 282 pre-amp you can start contemplating a more ‘advanced’ source.
There are two paths to choose - find a pre-loved NDX or NDX2. Add a power supply at a later stage.
An alternative path - find a pre-loved nDAC and add it to your ND5XS. Add a power supply to nDAC at a later stage.

Step 2.
HiCap DR or SuperCap for your 282.

Step 3
Power amp upgrade - 250DR would be a good start as it is deemed a natural partner for NAC 282.

Irrespective of which way you go - enjoy the music :slight_smile:


I would second Adam’s advice…i am a Core owner, so no axe to grind.

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I have absolutely no idea about the streaming side of things, but the almost universal opinion is source first so I would imagine the ND5xs is the weakest link in your current chain, the 282/200DR should respond well to several levels of upgrade feeding into them

I would look at items in the following order:

  1. NDX 2
  2. XPS DR
  3. SuperCap DR or HiCap DR for 282
  4. NAP 250 DR
  5. ProAc D30RS
    …then there is power cord, speaker cables, etc.

Not sure if I would ever go with a Core but possibly upgrade the NAS box if you feel the need…

Have fun and enjoy the music, it will all be waiting for you when you have the resources.


I agree with Adam. Stick with your NAS. One of the ubiquitous Cisco switches might also be a good idea.

I think it’s best to start at the beginning. In the States we call them Power Line Conditioners… Good ones are from Isotek, Shunyata, PS Audio… Then Good Mains cables… I a big fan of Shunyata… maybe you can try a few out. I’d stick with your D20R ( I owned D30R for quite some time ) Then maybe a dedicated mains… I think you guys call it a Radial ?? Then just keep working back… Welcome and have fun !

The MyCloud is a dreadful thing fit only for the dustbin. I’d stick with the excellent dbpoweramp but get a good nas, Qnap or Synology and run Asset. That’s about £500 and will be much nicer to use. No need for a Core. Then look at the streamer. I’d probably get the NDX2 first.


My general experience with power conditioners and NAIM is: anabsolute ‘no go’. They kill Naim’s sound.

Separate mains - absolutely. Good quality distribution block - good idea.

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@Drumbo same route I was Techincs and then NAD but then to NAIM

lot’s of good advice, I’m with @Adam.Zielinski I would keep your NAS for the time being - source first I would look at SH NDX if only UpNP or NDX2 for the new streaming - then either PSU for NDX or 250DR which would work well with 282

I looked at the same upgrade path on my AMP to 250DR and then my dealer got in 300 non DR, so I went that route - the 282/HCDR/300 was a lovely combo
SC takes the 282 onto another level, but I would recomend NDX or better
enjoy the journey

Many thanks for everyone’s helpful advice. Some thinking to do.

I’m currently working my way through the complete works of Dylan.

By the time I’ve finished that i might have come to a decision (and gathered some spare funds).

I don’t think that is possible. Well before you reach the end he’ll have released another massive Bootleg Series box-set and so on.


Interested in your comment on the MyCloud.

As far as I recall when I got my UQ2 and completely new to streaming with low level office (with a small o computing skills) I went to my high street computer store looked around bewildered picked it up took it home plugged it in added a password copied my music folder from my mac and everything worked and has since. Plug and Play. When i rip a new cd I merely copy it across to the MyCloud.

I did other things which i since regretted like ripping all my cds into apple lossless and then struggling with artwork before getting dbpoweramp. But experienced none of the ‘complexity’ of setting up a nas which, when reading reviews of some of the high price servers, some seem to struggle with.

What am i missing out on?

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