Ansuz Ethernet Cable/Powerswitch Upgrade

I’m considering an upgrade to my system by replacing a Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cable with an Ansuz D2 Ethernet cable and replacing my English Electric 8Switch with an Ansuz A2 PowerSwitch.

The switch would go between my router and a Naim ND555. The cable would go from the switch to the Naim ND555 streamer/DAC.

Also connected to the switch is a Roon Nucleus.

My system includes all Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cables, Chord Music IC’s, Ansuz power conditioning, Naim NAC 552, Naim NAP 300 DR and Harbeth 30,2 40th Anniversary speakers.

My Naim dealer recommends the D2 level cable over the A2 if cost isn’t an issue. I’m adding the PowerSwitch to provide power for the D2 cable and as an upgrade over the EE 8Switch. I won’t spend the money for a D2 PowerSwitch.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with either of these components. Will the D2 Ethernet be a significant improvement over the Heimdall? Will the A2 PowerSwitch be an improvement over the EE switch?

Please don’t offer suggestions for other component brands.

IIRC @BertBird uses the Ansuz Powerswitch with his ND555 so may be able to offer some advice.

Thanks, I thought so.

I use the Ansuz A2 ethernet cable from an innuos statement to a bartok. I thought it was much better then a shunyata sigma that i was trying.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve asked my dealer for an estimate on an Ansuz D2 Ethernet cable and an Ansuz A2 PowerSwitch. I would need the switch to power the D2. The D2 would replace a Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cable.
How do you like the Bartok? Do you use the headphone amp?

Hi leatherneck, i am very pleased with the bartok. At the moment i listen more through the headphone out than the amp. The ansuz seemed to open the sound out more so than the shunyata.

I was interested in the Bartok because of that headphone amp. Then I got a Violectric V281 HP amp. I’m driving it using A/V out of my NAC 552.

That’s funny, because i used a v181 for a time in a bedroom system. If i would of had that amp when i bought the bartok i might of jumped up to a rossini. Overall i think the bartok just takes it over the v181, but it is very close.

My electricity and my switch is coming from Ansuz. I have the 2nd in line which I belief is called the A2. It has been a significant upgrade for me coming from a non-switch direct to router connection (via Melco). Now my Melco and ND555 are connected both to the switch.
I also tested at the same time the base Ansuz switch and found the difference big enough to get the 2nd one, while I didn’t hear the top of the line one…
I have the Melco connection arranged through a Audioquest Vodka. And I have the ND555 connected through a Chord Music Ethernet Cable.

Any of the mentioned components will bring great musical satisfaction. I am not considering to upgrade the Vodka connection as I have soon two Melco’s connected to my switch.

I just traded my English Electric switch for an Ansuz A2 PowerSwitch. I traded a Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cable for an Ansuz D2 Ethernet cable. It needs the power from the PowerSwitch.
The rest of my Ethernet cables are Nordost Heimdall’s and my interconnects are Chord Music’s.

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