Anti-surge extension block

Is your experience typical of people in your area, or is it something about you possibly that attracts it? Do you morph into “Electron Boy” at night. Or perhaps “Earth Boy” may be more scientifically correct here :wink:

That seems like a rather risky strategy!! If you can move at the speed of light perhaps you would have some chance of success, but would you really want to have a plug in your hand when the massive current in a lightning strike is going through it?

I would guess when you are home you can unplug it if the forecast becomes true. If you are not home, unplugging it if thunderstorms are merely forecast makes sense

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I don’t claim to be able to move at the speed of light. But I can see out of my windows. Thunderstorms don’t tend to spontaneously strike out of clear skies. If I doubt, I unplug the system.

Each of us should do as we see fit. My contribution is to add to the spectrum of experiences and opinions on this thread. Not to encourage people to do something that doesn’t suit them, or make sense to them.


We had 2-3 massive lightning strikes nearby, one to a house about 100m from ours over the weekend. Apparently there were flames coming from their electrical sockets and I don’t think this was hyperbole as three fire engines apparently attended, although no other significant damage to the property and thankfully no one injured.

Loudest thunder I’d ever heard. Looking out the window wouldn’t really have helped given it happened at 4AM :smiley:

Glad on one was injured.

As atmoshperic conditions develop you cannot predict where the next strike will be based on the perceived location of the last one, expecially if that is assessed by looking out of the window! People have been killed by holding an electrical plug when a strike hit their house. By the time you can see the storm approaching, it’s too late and the safe decision would be to leave things plugged in, unless you value your HiFi more than you value your life. (although…on this forum!!?)
There are some useful online resources that allow you to see electrical storms and observe their direction of travel, which would allow you to make a timely decision on whether to unplug.

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