Antiresonant pads for Atom

Do you use any pads for Anti-resonant isolation?
Is enough factory? I was a little afraid that any placing the pads if Naim already this well isolated?

I use Quadraspire Qplus evo under my Uniti Qute2.

What about existing factory pads on Atom? Are they functional or do they still need additional anti-vibration protection?


Go to a craft store and get some blu tack or something similar… works great to isolate your gear from the surface it sits on and costs practically nothing.

Sorbethane rubber feet. Inexpensive and very effective

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This. :+1:

Is it good practice to change fabric Naim pads?

No, this is not good practice … the whole Naim design is about decoupling and getting optimal results from the components involved. Even the feet were subject of research … I won’t bother to change these for something else …

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In general, all quality brands also study the standard feet, as Naim also seems to do, mainly so that, apart from the subject vibrations and isolation, they contribute to the sound signature desired by the brand.

Without changing the serial feet, adding on them different ones, with different materials, you can modify the device’s sound signature, but it requires a lot of experimentation, because it can be for better or worse.

For a device like the ATOM and its 7 Kgs. I would say that the most insulating, more neutral and economical, would be a simple sorbethane feets (take a look at the Inakustik Star Mini, good, nice and cheaper; checked); I wouldn’t recommend advanced polymers the Style of Milty Foculpods and the like, nor would I endorse anything rigid spikes style.


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Txnks for useful comment Newcomer.

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If you ever visit the Naim factory you will be amazed by the attention to detail and care that is taken to design Naim equipment at all levels.

This goes down to small aspects of design like the position of cable ties, choice of materials and decoupling. Some of the things they consider seem ridiculous.

Therefore I have confidence that Naim will have considered the material used in the feet and am happy that Naim know best.

I’m not sure why there is a desire to try and improve something that has been designed by some of the best in the business. Just sit back and enjoy the music!


I can only echo @trickydickie 's comments … :smiley:

When experimenting with isolation feet for my Iotas I tried out the same products on my Atom. Not one of them improved performance (unlike their effect upon the speakers). I can only concur with those above who maintain Naim have already fitted feet that do the job well. Save your money.

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