Any 2021 24 inch iMac users?

I ordered a new 24 inch 2021 iMac in blue. I can’t wait to get it! It will be replacing a 2010 27 inch iMac.

I was wondering if anyone here has one and how they like it? What color did you choose?

I have considered it to replace my 27" 2009 iMac, but I suspect I will probably now go Mini with a separate 27" screen, as I suspect I will miss the larger display. Very interested to hear the responses here. Of course the new one has the M1 chip, so you can run the Naim app directly, which I love doing on my MBAir M1.

I bought a 24” Mac in 2009, just as they replaced it with the 27” so I’m thinking about replacing it, and would be interested to hear what you think of the latest model. I’m sure it’s moved on a lot. The current one serves as the repository for photos, documents, etc. but on a daily basis sees little use.

I recently changed my 21.5 inch iMac 4K and was going to replace it with a 24inch iMac.

After a fair bit of research I ended up with a Mac mini M1 and a 27inch Dell 4k monitor which cost about the same as a 24inch iMac with the same spec.

A couple of points to bear in kind do you do you need speakers and a mic as this could influence your monitor choice. Monitors are in short supply at the moment in fact I was quoted a delivery date of the 11th of March for a HP Monitor this was about six weeks ago !!!

Very pleased with the set up I ended up with and you can run the Naim app on the Mac with a M1 chip which is a bonus.

I use my iMac for exactly the same. It was slowing down a bit, so 2 years ago I change the HDD for an SSD, and that brought enough speed back to make it usable.

@DanielH as the iMac has the same chip as my MBAir, I can say the it was a great difference from my previous 2011 MBAir. I generally have 25plus tabs in Safai without issues, and it run Video very well without the startup delays I had before. You wont be disappointed by its performance.


M1 MacBook Air is fast.

I have 21.5 inch mid 2011 which works. But I can’t go beyond OS 10.11.6 and safari increasingly won’t connect to websites.

I have windows 10 on a fast laptop so I’m debating what to do. Might get a mini and a separate screen or stick with what I’ve got for the moment.

We have one. It’s lovely. And it’s green.


I had an old 27" from 2012 and changed in last July for the new 24". Don’t really notice the smaller size at all and it is much faster. I went for yellow.
It does have one annoying quirk though, if the mouse pointer goes too close to the top left corner ( and it often goes in that area 'cos that’s where the back button is) I have to sign back in. I’m sure there’ll be a remedy somewhere.

Just replaced by 2011 27" Mac with a 24" 2021 iMac

I went for silver. I think that’s the fastest colour.

It’s dramatically faster and much quieter. SSD and no fans that I can hear probably explain that. A pleasure to use.

The ability to run iOS apps is useful. Controlling the NDX from the computer is much easier that the old iPad i was using.

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Personally I don’t like the design, apart from that I’d imagine it’s a blisteringly fast capable machine.

I have a new M1 Mini I need to set up properly but my 2012 Quad Core i7 does most of what I need and I find High Sierra preferable. An inability to post images here in recent weeks may prompt me do upgrade macOS.

Have you got Hot Corners set up?

Go under Preferences>Desktop & Screen Saver>Hot Corners

Many thanks, Matthew

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I’m still lamenting the loss of my 27" iMac Core i9, 40GB!
It went with the business when I sold - should have thought that one through :roll_eyes:
Making do with my MacBook Pro Core i7, 16GB with the dreaded screen anti-glare fault issue.
My son keeps mentioning the M1 Airs - I’m not listening - a 555PS is calling me instead :wink:

Is there a new app?

Standard IOS app screenshot on a 27inch Monitor.

Nope, the latest mac OS allows you to run ipad and iphone apps on the mac itself, i believe!

It does indeed on M1 based Macs, with varying success for some appss, buy I think this is very welcome as they will happily run teh Naim app for example, and there are several apps I have on iPhone/iPad with no formal desktop version previously.


I replaced my 3-4 yo 27" iMac with a green 24" and love it. Much nicer than the silver & black aesthetic, but can’t wait for the launch of a bigger version. That said, 24" is more than adequate for most things…


I have a silver M1 iMac with 16 gb and a 2 tb SSD, basically the fully loaded model. Since I work work colour, I want a neutral environment around my screens, not yellow, blue or purple. I replaced a 2009 4.1 Mac Pro hacked to 5.1, that finally died. With an Apple usb c to hdmi adapter, I have a second 24 inch screen. I previously used a 27 inch Cinema Display. The iMac‘s Retina display is gorgeous and fairly accurate.

The whole thing is obscenely light and generates virtually no heat unless I do GPU intensive work on it, and even then it is just warm. That heat is exhausted out the bottom, but I don’t hear a fan, although clearly one is present because heat is going to rise, not gently blow itself out the bottom. The old Mac Pro with Xeon processors and a Radeon Rx580 card heated my upstairs like a digital furnace. Clearly power consumption on the M1 is quite low by comparison.

I will probably not use the M1 iMac for music playback because I have a 2011 Mac mini that is more than sufficient for the task. However I have an Ifi usb to s/pdf converter into a Simaudio Moon 100d DAC for audio out of the iMac plugged into a 55 year old Clairtone receiver, if I want to listen to streaming music while using the computer (which is most of the time).

I will be setting it up next weekend. :smiley: