Any 2021 24 inch iMac users?

It must be hard to wait so long - I must admit, I have to unbox things straight away.

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Ignoring the contents, the packaging is pretty amazing. The way it protects the computer as a piece of cardboard sculpture that wraps around. Someone thought long and hard about it.


I also have a hard time waiting. The thing is I had it delivered to a relative’s house, because I am not always at home during the day. I don’t have the time to pick it up before Saturday.

I finally got the iMac set up today. Boy, is it ever small compared to my 2010 27 inch! It takes up much less room on the desk and looks great!

I have been using my new M1 iMac for 2 days. This Naim forum has been slow for 2 days. Is there something on the Naim forum that runs slowly with the M1 chip, or is it a general slowdown affecting all users?

There is a lot of indexing that happens when the OS first gets setup - that may be it. Perhaps use Activity Monitor to see. I’d probably just do a reboot and recheck. I’ve not noticed any particular issues

No problems on my Mac mini with the M1 chip.

All is well now! The Naim forums load quickly. Probably just a bug.

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