Any 252/300 PMC twenty 5.26 users out there?

Anyone using the above set up to access Tidal standard (pref via NDS/XPS-DR) that would be willing to test stream specific pieces at certain volumes and let me know if they experience same symptoms as mine appear to give?

Close if I can be of any help. I have 252/300 PMC twenty 5.26i with Qobuz.

282/250 NDS , twenty5 26 and tidal here

Thanks both but to make the test meaningful the same equipment is needed! Anyone??


As a support engineer, when asked questions related to an unknown problem, I tend to turn it around and ask, “Why do you want to know? Can you start with describing the specific problem first?”

9/10, what they are asking for is not needed to investigate their problem. 1/10 it is but still, I’d ask the OP, Can you start with a detailed problem description?


To use the same equipment you need someone to come to your house, or take your kit to them…. Maybe following FZ’s suggestion you might find another way of finding an answer.

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