Any Ansuz Powerswitch user here?

Hi folks,
I bought an Ansuz Powerswitch X- TC( LAN) to connect upnp server with my dCS streamer. That doesn’t work because of IGMP Snooping…(sigh roon works…)
Does one run a ND555 with Ansuz and upnp here in this forum?
Many thanks!

Yes, @BertBird


Yes I use it and I am very happy with the Sonics. Have the ND555 connected to it and also my two Melco’s seamless operation.

thanks BertBird- so you’re using upnp or roon?

I’ve got an Ansuz D2 PowerSwitch with a Naim Atom HE, an ND555 and a Roon Nucleus connected to it with Ansuz D2 Ethernet cables.

Thanks leatherneck!

I use UPNP, I avoid Roon as I don’t want my sound to be negatively be influenced……


Thanks for feedback Bert!

I think @Dan5 uses one.

Ansuz has not had a very good press on some of the hardcore switch forums. So it would be interesing to know what options the few ansuz users did compare ansuz with? Currently I have decided to stay out of the advanced switch game for now at least, knowing what it can end up costing if I go all in, especially with Ansuz!

I had Melco S100, Cisco 2960, Ansuz, d-link and fritzbox repeater direct connected for test. In my setup the Ansuz was best SQ wise.

There’s a review of the Anzus power switch vs Innuos PhoenixNet on Hifi News. Don’t remember which one was the favourite for the reviewer, but personally I choosed the Innuos.
I had the Cisco 2960, then cascade Cisco, then Etheregen with top MCRU ps.
The Innuos is now alone in my system.

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