Any chance for a Naim Transport?

Is their a resurgence of CD?

Any chance for Naim to make a dedicated Transport? DAC duties can be handled by its Streamers with built in DACs. Or better yet a new NDAC 2. Oh, might as well throw in the functionality of System Automation….

Here we go again…


Nearly Whitesnake - not worth transporting

Wasn’t that Here I Go Again?

As others have suggested, sales of even fairly high-end CD players are suffering, so Naim is probably hoping that everyone with CDs opts to rip them and buys a Core (rather than using a laptop and a cheap NAS).

Cue a vigorous debate on whether a good streamer sounds better or worse than a good CD player. Cd555 versus ND555 or CDS3 versus NDX2?

If the market for CD players won’t justify a new Naim box , then I imagine the market for a dedicated transport would be even smaller. However, I’d be happy to proved wrong.

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If the dac and output stage of the good cd and the good dac are the same … they will sound the same.
But I can understand the desire for simply popping a cd in and playing…. Without looking for where the * did I put my iPad first :joy: and wondering why there is no ping my iPad on my apple watch.

I recently (couple of weeks) bough my first ever cd player and now own over 100 cds. Couldn’t be happier. Yeah … I stream since before it was cool.


Maybe in 15-20 years when the “CD revolution” occurs.

heed make a couple of excellent CD transports. Good results into the Naim DAC with a friends system. He upgraded from the Obelisk DT to the Thesis Delta and found it very worthwhile.

There is no shortage of good transports. Coupled with an nDac or Naim streamer, you’ll end up with basically, a Naim sounding source.

Does it really have to have a green logo on front to make you happy?

I do suggest searching the forum… this has been asked or discussed umpteen times before with always the same answer…
The answer is, Naim provide their streamers to work optimally to either work in digital signal out, or analogies signal out… but the current streamers can’t do both at the same time because of how the internal components and architecture are optimised to deliver either mode for maximum performance. Ie digital out or analogue out.

Removing the subset of components for just one of the modes would make little difference to the overall cost as a percentage and therefore price, and cripple the functionality and flexibility of the product limiting its marketability. It just wouldn’t make commercial sense.


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