Any differences between NAC-62/NAP-140 in Chrome Bumper VS Olive?


I want to know, is there any significant difference in terms of circuit design, transformer usage (for example using Holden and Fischer or not), quality of components, age of production … between Naim NAC-62 / NAP-140 from Chrome Bumper VS model Olive ?

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I cannot answer your specific question but a Naim employee once told me Naim don’t make cosmetic changes for the sake of it.

Differences in circuit design? They’re pretty much the same, any differences being very minor. Main difference between a CB NAP140 and an Olive NAP140 we’ve already covered; Output devices changed from Sankens to Naim’s own custom NA001s, and the H&F transformer changed to Novotem after the former’s demise.

The Olive kit moved from latching Deltron to locking Preh DIN socketry.

Age of production? Yes, obviously the CB kit is older than the Olive it. Worth bearing in mind too that Naim was always trying hard to constantly improve consistency during this period.


I recall CB had hand-drawn circuit prints.
Olive were machined with more consistence, correct me if I’m wrong please.

Around 1993 H&F transformer Co. ceased, when stock ran out another brand was implemented.

There can’t be many CB 62, maybe a year or two manufacture only.
You can find that info here somewhere.

By the time the NAC62 arrived the “artwork” PCBs had been long gone. Around this time Naim began to use the ROBIN auto insertion machine for populating the PCB board with the smaller components, which improved consistency.

Yes, The CB NAC62 didn’t last long, arriving in late '87 and replaced by the Olive version in '89.

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