Any Equaliser Option on Muso 2?

Hello all,

New with Muso 2 and found that there are no in-built equaliser options within Muso or its app. I usually stream my music using Spotify and Youtube Music, and sometimes play Internet Radio on Muso, which sounds great; however today I streamed one of the tracks from my music app on my phone with equaliser on, and the enhancement in quality and output is quite visible(audible?)

So, please can someone suggest if there is a way to apply equaliser on Muso, while streaming from Spotify or Youtube Music or Internet Radio?


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by equaliser but it’s possible to switch on loudness (which makes it sound like a horrid thumping boom box) and to adjust the sound for distance from the wall. Other than that no sound adjustment is possible.

Hello. Thanks for your reply. Loudness is different. I am after equalizer where I can select presets like rock or pop or classic based on music which is playing.

You can’t do that. The mu-so, like all Naim equipment, simply plays the music as recorded. Adjustment should not be necessary.

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That’s a good point :+1:

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