Any experience with Trenner & Friedl Osiris or Pharoah speakers?

Hello all. Looking to make some changes. Does anybody own or have any experience with the above speakers? Just heard them for the first time.

Pros / Cons

Thanks all.

Hi Johnny,
Yes, a bit. I recently heard the Osiris speakers at the RMAF show in Denver, Colorado (see photo below). They were paired with a Clearaudio turntable and Mactone tube amps. It was one of only two rooms I visited twice at the show…very impressive system! There are more photos from the RMAF show on the Positive-Feedback website.

I also heard the Pharoah’s about a year ago in a NYC shop. They were paired with a Leben integrated tube amp and I don’t recall the source. Very musical with wonderful tonality, texture, and PRaT. There’s a well written review on the 6moons website if you’re interested.

A few weeks ago I purchased (blind) an older pair (2010) of Trenner & Friedl “Dizzy” floorstanding speakers at a price I couldn’t refuse. I’ve matched them with my Nait 2 “olive” and a PS Audio DirestStream transport/DAC frontend. Rich, deep, tight bass and wonderful touch/texture. Overall very natural sounding, good dynamics, decent soundstage presentation…I’m very pleased with the combination. They keep me focused on the music and not on the equipment…

Hope that helps…


Thanks Todd. Yes, I saw those references to that system. I’m also sure we heard the speakers at the same shop in NYC.

For such beautiful sounding (at least at first listen) system, I’m shocked there is so little out there on them.

What speakers did you replace when you bought the Dizzy’s?

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KEF LS50’s and Focal 926’s

I have a pair of the tiny Trenner & Friedl Suns. They sound absolutely beautiful with my Naim Atom.

It has been my gateway piece of Naim (and T&F) gear. Now busy scheming for how to bring that same magic chemistry to my full size system.


I owned the Trenner & Friedl Pharaohs for 3 years. I used with Naim 272, 555 DR p/s and 250 DR amp. Great speakers. They can go fairly close to the rear wall if needed. They are 90db sensitive so they can work well with tubes also.

I’ve since upgraded to ATC 40a active speakers which cost around the same in USA as the Pharaohs but offer more value and sound better in my opinion.


Can you put them similarly close to the wall?

Are you asking if the ATC 40a speakers can go close to the rear wall ? They are a sealed box design but they do put out a decent amount of bass. It will probably depend on your room. I have heard they can have too much bass in small rooms.

In case you’re interested, the new copy of Stereophile magazine has a review of the Osiris speakers written by Ken Micallef…

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What are they like with your NAC152XS, NAP155XS?

Good memory Christopher! My 152/155/Flatcap is boxed and in storage. My plan was to give them another try once my DAC’s new firmware has had time to “settle in.” I don’t like to make more than one change at a time…perhaps in the next week or so.

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