Any gamers amongst us?

Hi all

Many years ago I used to own an Xbox but haven’t played a game for years.
There are a couple of games out that I like the idea of playing and with the imminent release of the PS5 and Xbox series X I thought I might take the opportunity to invest and have a play about.

Cheers all

Gamer checking in. PS4 currently.

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The only games I play are ‘driving’ games/sims.
My fave at the mo is Dirt Rally 2 on Xbox One X.
I have had a look at the new consoles and they dont offer enough to justify an upgrade bearing in mind my usage.
Which console do you have now?

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Yes ps3 and ps4 here. Have just played uncharted1/2/3/4 for the second time, started shadow of the tomb raider a couple of days ago. Have only platinumed 1game horizon zero dawn.

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Don’t have any! So clean slate. To be honest I am more drawn to the new Xbox series X due to it blending in with more in the living room (Naim boxes!:joy:).
PS5 looks an absolute monster!

PC gamer here for many many years, going right back to the original Rob Supnik text based “Adventure” running on a PDP 11. (1978-79 ish ?)

Main game is currently Elder Scrolls Online, but on Tuesday it’ll be Assassins Creed Valhalla.

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What about a pc instead of a console? Much more versatile and you get a lot more for your ££

Player one signing in…

Ps4, Xbox, iOS etc

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Thought about it but knowing what I am like, the cost would escalate very quickly and I’d prefer just the plug and play ability one one of the consoles. :+1:t2:


Stick with the playstation and get a games/game pad bundle. Wait for Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel “Forbidden West” would be my recommendation.


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I think it all depends on the game genre you’re thinking of playing :slight_smile:
Since this ‘kung flu’ I’ve not had a decent ‘gaming night’ with my buddy - early March; miss it terribly! :pensive:
We can hold our heads high in that we’ve completed all the ‘Gears of war’ games, we’re half way through the last but one instalment , on ‘Insane’ level :grimacing: & the sound through the 7.2 system (with the Naim gear providing the front 2 channels) is awesome! Highly recommended if that’s your genre :blush:
Ps: I’ll be 62 in December - so if you’re young at heart: go for it!

Nothing is lightly to touch Xevious by Namco.

I think there all still trying to catch up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agreed the look is atrocious, Sony have even disallowed black skins!

Massively looking forward to this, but will stick with ps4 for now. I put 125 hours into hzd, completed everything. Fireclaws were the worst.
For the uninitiated:

It’s a great game, many challenges!

The games that have always appealed to me are first person military games generally.

Games like medal of honour, call of duty.

Me too!

Currently addicted to Battlefield V.

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Yes that looks brilliant also.

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Rank 863 on Angry Birds Transformers with my old iPad.

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