Any Hifi/music magazines worth subscribing to?

Hi all

I currently subscribe to Hifi critic and really like it.
Any other UK magazines out there people can recommend?


HiFi News. Always a good read.
Sterophile - I have an online sub via Zinio. Stupidly cheap but interesting, if more US biased, reviews and articles.

Not UK based but still worth mentioning: Tone Audio Magazine…

They have some interesting retro reviews, where they look at vintage gear.

I’ve always had HiFi World delivered monthly but have not renewed the sub & it’s now on the last few months rundown. It used to ring my bell with it’s DIY and the more technical testing included in their reviews. The DIY was dropped a long while ago, the techie reviews have thankfully continued, but as I’ve been set on my preferred brand for some time, a lot of the reviews are not really of interest & after a quick read I find I’m not picking it up anymore. I get all the hifi & news & reviews I need from www + this & other forums.

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HiFi News at one end of the spectrum and HiFi Choice to root you more firmly into reality. :slight_smile:

I subscribe to HiFi news. They are mostly much of a muchness and which you prefer will likely be in line with what your interests are and/or which contributors you prefer to read. I have it to keep informed on shows, news, releases, articles of interest and the odd reviewed product, although reviewing is always subjective and should never be considered as anything more than an interesting, possibly thought provoking read.

They run a vinyl rerelease appraisal every month, talking about the band and the album it the context of their times, an in depth article on the making a particular album and its subsequent rereleases in various formats, a vintage HiFi review including the product’s history, an old article from the archives, and a producer’s CV every month. They’ve also go all the usual stuff; opinion pieces, music reviews, reader’s letters, showpiece articles on technologies, companies, people etc.

I would recommend it for a good spread of reading matter but none of them for serious reviews. We should do our own reviews. Although it is interesting to occasionally read what other people think.

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For those in the UK if you have a library card then you can read magazines on line without paying for them. RB Digital is the site.What Hi Fi and HiFi Choice are on there. Plus loads of other interests magazines.

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I am subscribed to Stereophile. My preferred with Hificritic.
However I pay only 12 euros for 12 monthly Stereophile magazines ( digital pdf).

I had 6 digital subscriptions and have now canceled Hi Fi+, stereophile and What Hi Fi and kept hi Fi news, Hi Fi Choice and Hi Fi World. Apart from the cost I couldn’t see the value in keeping all.

What ones the best in your opinion Pete?
Would like one that has monthly issues.

You know being a Naimie I really just read what was new and the odd review, mainly re speakers as I have no intention of switching electronics. The one that disappointed the most was What Hi Fi, it seemed as though it was just a catalogue and no real merit.

Apple sub to Hi-Fi+. Regular read of the free Tone and Readly sub to 17 mags pcm including Steteophile. Works out at about 15p per magazine.

All have dumbed down significantly recently in terms of content and length.

At that price, who can blame them?

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