Any kitesurfers on here?

Just curious, my other love after family and hifi is the kitesurfing.

New kite or new hifi kit? Decision, decisions!

Anyway, say hi if you’re a kiter

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Only regular kites, without surfer attached, here. I love to lose myself into flying one of the fast ones during a North Sea vacation. We have seen kitesurfers there and in the Baltic Sea enjoying their activity.

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Same here! My largest kite is an Ozone Riot 5m2 which is a lot of fun to fly and jump around with at the North Sea coast.

Would love to try kitesurfing one day too but so far haven’t had the opportunity…

Brilliant, we start as a small community and grow together.

I was out today in the Thames estuary, Minnis Bay.

Something I’d love to try!

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