Any love for a Nat06?

Digital ( or even analog radio) vs Internet radio.

The world of radio is changing quickly.
However I still have a romantic attach for the first option, vs the second.

( don’t know the sales numbers to back one over another , in terms of business returns/ profitability)

The last proposition made by naim was nat05xs, if my memory is correct. Nothing after that. And seems not likely to occur.

Ok: we have the streamers that allow Internet radio, or eventual optional radio module in some components. ( essentially in the Uniti range).

Question: Am I alone in the feeling of void here?
Doesn’t our fellow members ( the ones that adopt the separates route) want a change (chance) to choose some kind of sucessor of the nat05?



A year ago I would have said yes, and indeed I bought a s/h NAT05 and a half decent 4 element Yagi.

However over the last year I’ve been playing more and more with streaming iRadio though my Allo streamer & nDAC. So the NAT03, NAT05, CD3.5, CDX, even my '82 vintage Sondek, are kept largely for nostalgia.

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But what if you use LP’s (vinyl) as a source? Or a CD player? How can we get radio? Or it’s inevitable the option of a streamer?

Maybe it’s the result of decades thinking 1 separate component per function?

I still buy CDs, and heck, I’ve bought more LPs in the last two years than in the previous 15!

And they are LPs not bl00dy “vinyls”. Ya boo… :laughing:

But, like it or not, streaming is inexorable, primarily because for the suppliers there is zero cost for producing “physical media”.

I think even wot we old gits call “The Wireless” will go (VHF & DAB) eventually


I stand corrected. :sweat_smile::wink:

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For us old buqqers!

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Must admit I’m afraid to say I use my iPhone to Bluetooth the radio through the hifi it saves having yet another box
I did have a denon tuner until I discovered the project Bluetooth box years ago

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I’m not fundamentalist: as long you satisfy your needs and don’t waste money in the process…
nothing against. :+1:

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Yes - yes but - if high quality terrestrial radio broadcasting had a real future, problem is I have my doubts. I’m not so sure the listening public has an appetite for quality broadcasting any more, times have moved to alternatives.
The FM switch off Sword of Damocles is back in its scabbard, but the end of FM is merely postponed I fear; it makes no sense in having a dual national broadcast service.
If DAB, in whatever of its various forms, did sound better, was more efficient & did not cost so much to provide area coverage over all terrains, then I have no doubt that a national FM service would have been switched off by now.
Internet web radio is another form of broadcast, arguably not as good as FM, but maybe high quality FLAC holds the key. Whatever web radio in its basic form can be made better than any of the DAB formats, problem is its not users selected music.
Streaming brings a personal choice of music & in high enough quality to satisfy most. These services can be used at home & on the move & I suspect this is where the future lies. Add some news & other interest types of services & it seems to me to be wanting for nothing.

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I honestly thought radio lost its sound when it went digital so I sort off lost the love off it, mind you I’m sat listening to Paul ogrady at the moment on radio 2

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Got to admit that I prefer the allure of the analog. Digital, specifically in Portugal where i live, never took off: the cost of implementation was never justified…

So, indirectly, I must stay attached to analog or jump to iradio.

Indeed. So much offer in terms of media…
The new generation waste so much time in phones and PCs that even television is relegated to second option.

Still feels something missing in terms of flexibility ( having Naim not giving any separate tuner component )

Unless they are EPs or 45s…


True dat!

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NAT05XS with FCXS or HCDR is supposed to be pretty good according to the odd report here on the forum.


[quote] Indeed. So much offer in terms of media…
The new generation waste so much time in phones and PCs that even television is relegated to second option. [/quote]

It seems that for the yoof of today everything revolves around the “smart phone”. PCs (unless they are for specialist use like gaming) and even tablets are “so yesterday”. Television is wot the old folks watch.

They really are not interested in separates, when an iPhone and Airpods can give great sound, or perhaps more accurately, a sound that is Good Enough, and you can walk around town with it (usual Covid lockdown rules apply, naturally).

Audio lovers are an elderly and dying breed, I’m afraid.

And by extension, so are specialist audio manufacturers…

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True FM analog is sometime unbeatable.
Having owned 01, 02, 101, currently on a Nat 05 with poor antenna, enjoying internet radio more than I thought possible.
As with vinyl, I’d never leave analog FM, well until they turn it off.

As for new products, dream on…it won’t happen
As long as I can get my tuner serviced I’m happy.



Yes… I better prepare myself.


My second hobby, with that same destiny:
I love mechanical watches. And the majority of my friends doesn’t even use them: they look as you said, to smartphones

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But , the moment you can’t buy them new…
It’s a question of time to arrive to “ a U-turn”