Any one experienced an upgrade from Hicap to Supercap for SN2?

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I am using Supernait 2 with Hicap. I’m loving it for sure. But I am curious, would upgrading to Supercap makes any difference that would worth the cost? Have any of you experienced SN1,2 or 3 with both Hicap and Supercap? Does upgrading to Supercap make a lot of difference?
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For the Supercap budget, I would take much more a NAC 282. It would be a much bigger step than going from Hicap to Supercap on SN2. My thoughts.


That’s a good idea, but I need to get a power amp for NAC 282 right? So wouldn’t it be more expensive to make such an upgrade?

You can use the SN power amp stage

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Before improving the amplifier I’d be looking at your sources. The CD is particularly weak and the NDX could benefit from an XPSDR.


We should club together and buy you a Naim branded rubber stamp with that written on :slight_smile:


It would save time for sure.


The SN2 wouldn’t make use of all the additional rails of the Supercap so would have to agree that if you are looking to do something with power supplies, the NDX could use it more, assuming you’re using its internal DAC and analogue output.

By the way, I’ve just recently been playing with various combinations of NAC 282, SN2, and NAP 250.2 with the SN2 in each role - integrated, pre, power, and unused. While the separates (250/282) each brought some improvement, my strongest conclusion was how good the SN2 really is.


I agree, but it been a long time since I listened any CDs. I mostly use NDX and listen to vinyl. But for sure I must get the XPS first. I was just curious about supercap.

Well I like the sound of SN2, but I did not have the chance to experience NAC 282 :frowning:

I agree with the XPS upgrade for sure. If I have a chance to listen 282 in a demo room, I sure will.

What TT and phono stage do you have?

And do you have a supercap sized budget to improve things, and are wondering how best to spend it?

Well I have a pro-ject perspective with primare r32 phono stage. I have custom made wiring from silverfy ( I have ortofon MC Quintet Blue.
I also have NDX from 2014 and a CD5i.
In fact there was a second hand supercap available, which was seldom used with a bugdet around 3K and serial number starting with 41.

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If you don’t want to go potty adding boxes, you could think about swapping the NDX for an NDX2. It sounds considerably better and has improved functionality. If you want to keep the NDX then a used XPSDR can be found for well under the £3,000 you mention. You could also sell the CDP to raise funds.

It may be worth putting your full system details in your profile - it saves people asking and should get you more focused responses.

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Thanks a lot

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