Any one running bluesound Node 2i with Chord Qutest into N 272

Hi i was wondering if any one is doing the above and can offer comparison of Tidal streaming using this combo vs N 272 Tidal.

Also interested in how the Chord has been connected up

That would be a rather surprising combination given that the 272 can handle Tidal perfectly happily by itself. I could imagine adding a separate streamer for Qobuz, but not for Tidal.


Well i have a Node 2i available, I was wondering if the chord DAC would give more than the N272 DAC. By more I was thinking detail abs separation in particular.

Newer and very different DAC Vs older DAC.

Very happy with my main system and not looking to change beyond relatively lower cost development mainly around my LP12. Or may be a new version of the N272 if and when one comes along.

N272 + CD555PS
KEF Reference 3

So my original questions are still asked? I would still look at upgrading the Node 2i PS if the Chord worked out.

I think you need to try it really but I do wonder if the Node is up to the job of being a really good digital source into the Chord DAC. I say this as other forum members have reported disappointment in this regard.

Regarding the Chord DAC, in my view it will sound much better, be more resolving and show where the 272 goes wrong but this will be at the expense of the music which to me the Chord kills stone dead. It’s the polar opposite of the 272 and LP12.


Bypassing two perfectly good Dacs seems wasteful. Nord Easy Stream at less than £200 (the one without the dac) into your 272 will play Tidal and Quboz.

I tried a BSN2i into my 272/555DR and it sounded worse as a streamer (from Tidal) and as a streamer/DAC, so it went straight back.

I used a Node 2i to steam Tidal. via coax in to my 272 during the recent period when Tidal changed their settings, thus stopping 1st Gen Naim streamers from being able to stream Tidal. Not as good as using the 272 streaming ‘card’, but it did mean that I could still use the 272 for Tidal. The Node is an inexpensive method of having Tidal access (or any of its other extensive functionality) when Tidal isn’t available via the 272.

There will certainly come a time, probably fairly soon, when the limitations of the 1st Gen streamers will mean that Tidal will become problematic. Bluesound offers OTA updates fairly quickly, thus better able to cope with changes from the various streaming platforms. Updating 1st Gen Naim streamers is a PITA by comparison, plus it needs Naim to invest resources in making an update available, if technically possible. Having a Node around is definitely worthwhile.

I used the MConnectHD app to get Tidal to my 272 for those 2 days.

You don’t need a BS for that

My views on BSN2i with my 272 etc.
-using BSN2i with its DAC (a) HIFi quality or (b) Master Quality no comparison to the 272 streaming stand alone. 272 winds hand down. So as every one predicted.
-Using BSN2i and feeding its digital output into the 272, very close to the 272 streaming standalone I feel.

This gives me an alternative for if and when the Naim app is out of service and alternative streaming platforms.

But I am still interested if any one is using a chord into the 272 and their views on how that sounds.

But as I said before I had a BSN2i available to me and did not have to go and buy one. Though i would have sold it had it not performed well as a digital input and had a good interface.

Looking at the features of the Bluesound Node 2i it seems to have some access benefits for users of legacy Naim streamers when feeding the Naim system at digital level.

Additional music providers and roon. For £499, this could be a useful bit of kit to update your legacy streamer, if such things are required.

It would be interesting to see how it works through other DACs as has been suggested, including Chord and others. The architecture of the 272 and Uniti range, quite understandably, do not allow the streamer section to feed an external DAC and return the analogue signal to pass through the Naim pre amp stage. If, as has been suggested above, the Bluesound Node 2i streamer section is nearly, or is as good as the legacy Naim steamer section the Bluesound may be a neat and low cost way of exploring other components such as DACs without losing the Naim components you already own.

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